Contemporary Australia: Optimism
Contemporary Australia: Optimism Curatorial Manager: Julie Ewington Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane 15 November 2008  22 February 2009
Jeffrey Smart: The question of portraiture
Jeffrey Smart: the question of portraiture, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, 4 March - 13 April, 2009.
Avoiding myth and message: Australian artists and the literary world
avoiding myth and message: Australia artist and the literary world, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 7 April  12 July 2009, curator: Glenn Barkley.
Patricia Piccinini: Related Individuals
Patricia Piccinini: Related Individuals Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 12 November  6 December 2008
Discord: Art from MONA
Discord: Art from MONA Curator: Nicole Durling 9 January  1 February 2009 Salamanca Arts Centre and various locations
Rosalie Gascoigne
Rosalie Gascoigne The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia 19 December 2008  15 March 2009 Curator: Kelly Gelatly
Open Air: Portraits in the landscape
Open Air: Portraits in the landscape Curators: Wally Caruana, Michael Desmond, Andrew Sayers National Portrait Gallery (NPG) 4 December 2008  1 March 2009
Silver Artrage 25
Silver Artrage 25 Curators: Andrew Gaynor, Marcus Canning Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) 18 October  21 November 2008
Gooch's Utopia: collected works from the Central Desert
Goochs Utopia: collected works from the Central Desert Curator: Fiona Salmon Flinders University Art Museum 3 October  23 November 2008 Riddoch Art Gallery 5 December 2008  8 February 2009
Lockhart River 'Old Girls'
Lockhart River Old Girls Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane 26 November  20 December 2008
Girls, Girls, Girls
Girls, Girls, Girls Carlton Hotel, Melbourne Curators: Lyndal Walker, Nat Thomas 23 October  8 November 2008
Better Places
Better Places Curator: Melissa Keys Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) 4 December 2008  1 February 2009
Passage Sara Maher Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart 10  23 December 2008
Trades JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design 24 October  7 December 2008
The Christmas Tree Bucket: Trent Parke's Family Album
The Christmas Tree Bucket: Trent Parkes Family Album Australian Centre for Photography 21 November 2008  24 January 2009
Brook's way with kinds, categories and memes
The Awful Truth About What Art Is by Donald Brook, published by Artlink 2008 RRP $38.50 Reviewed by Lucas Ihlein The Awful Truth About What Art Is can be ordered online at
25th National and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA)
25th National and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) 15 August  26 October 2008
It's time: Emily Floyd
Its Time : Emily Floyd Australian Print Workshop Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne 23 August - 18 October 2008
Katherine Moline
Katherine Moline Yuill / Crowley, Sydney 10 July  2 August 2008
Spatsville: Memoirs of a failed painter: Alasdair Macintyre
Splatsville: Memoirs of a Failed Painter: Alasdair Macintyre Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane 23 September - October 11 2008
New social commentary 08
New Social Commentary 08 Warrnambool Art Gallery 6 September  2 November 2008
Shards: Judy Watson, Yhonnie Scarce, Nici Cumpston
Shards: Judy Watson, Yhonnie Scarce, Nici Cumpston Curator: Mary Knights South Australian School of Art Gallery (SASA) 30 September - 24 October 2008
Without Borders: Outsider Art in an antipodean context
Without Borders: Outsider Art in an Antipodean Context Curators: Glenn Barkley, Peter Fay Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW 30 August  21 September 2008
Ornament: Anne MacDonald
Ornament : Anne MacDonald Carnegie Gallery, Hobart 19 September  26 October 2008
Warburtonta-latju Warntu Palyaranytja (We are doing Warntu work in Warburton)
Warburtonta-latju Warntu Palyaranytja (We are doing Warntu work in Warburton) Holmes à Court Gallery 1 August  14 September 2008
Fremantle Print Award 2008
Fremantle Print Award 2008 Fremantle Arts Centre 23 August - 5 October 2008
Exit music: a lake and a stand of trees: George Popperwell
exit music: a lake and a stand of trees: George Popperwell Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA) 25 July  7 September 2008
Errant Abstractions
Errant Abstractions Pam Gaunt Galerie Düsseldorf 3 - 31 August 2008
Neo Goth: black in black
Neo Goth: Back in Black Curator: Alison Kubler UQ Art Museum, University of Queensland, Brisbane 25 July - 21 September 2008
Perils of the studio: inside the artistic affairs of bohemian Melbourne, Alex Taylor
Perils of the Studio: Inside the artistic affairs of bohemian Melbourne by Alex Taylor, Australian Scholarly Publishing in association with the State Library of Victoria, 2007, hardcover, 212 pages RRP $59.95
Jon Cattapan: possible histories
by Chris McAuliffe Melbourne: Miegunyah Press, 2008, RRP $49.95 Reviewed by Ian North
Photographs by Laurence Aberhart Essays by Gregory OBrien and Justin Paton Victoria University Press 2007 NZ $125
Biennale of Sydney 2008 Revolutions - Forms That Turn
Biennale of Sydney 2008 Revolutions - Forms That Turn Curator: Caroline Christov-Bakargiev 18 June  7 September 2008
Performances at Biennale of Sydney 2008 Revolutions - Forms That Turn
Performance at Biennale of Sydney 2008 Revolutions - Forms That Turn Curator: Caroline Christov-Bakargiev 18 June  7 September 2008
God-favoured, Rodney Glick: Surveyed
God-favoured, Rodney Glick: Surveyed Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery 13 June  10 August 2008
Companion Planting
Companion Planting Lucy Bleach, Michelle Cangiano, Dean Chatwin, Raef Sawford, Amanda Shone Curator: Jack Robins CAST Gallery, Hobart May 24 June 15 2008
Kate Rohde: flourish
Kate Rohde: flourish Curator: Jenna Blyth TarraWarra Museum of Art 20 April - 20 July 2008
Ian Friend: Thirty Years of Works on Paper 1977-2007
Ian Friend: Thirty Years of Works on Paper 1977-2007 Curators: Gordon Craig and Anne Kirker QUT Art Museum, Brisbane 24 April- 29 June 2008
Uneasy: Recent South Australian Art
Uneasy: Recent South Australian Art Curator: Timothy Morrell Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia 20 June - 17 August 2008
The Lovely Season, Enrique Martinez Celaya
The Lovely Season Enrique Martinez Celaya Liverpool Street Gallery 27 February 27 March 2008
Hijacked Artsource, Fremantle April 5 - May 4
Bal Tashchit: Thou Shalt Not Destroy
Bal Tashchit: Thou Shalt Not Destroy Curators: Melissa Amore and Ashley Crawford Jewish Museum of Australia, St Kilda 8 April  29 June 2008
III Performances (in white cube)
III PERFORMANCES [in white cube] Linda Lou Murphy Ana Wojak & Fiona McGregor Alison Currie Curator: Melentie Pandilovski Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide 30 May  5 July 2008
Translating from the dead to the living, Karin Lettau
Translating from the dead to the living Karin Lettau Design Centre, Tasmania 24 April  20 June 2008
Xstrata Coal Emerging Indigenous Art Award 2008
Xstrata Coal Emerging Indigenous Art Award 2008 Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Brisbane 11 July  12 October 2008
Blubberland: the dangers of happiness, Elizabeth Farrelly
University of New South Wales Press, 2007 RRP $29.95
Visual Animals, Edited by Ian North
Contemporary Art Centre of SA 2007, RRP $35.
The 32nd congress of the international committee of the history of art (CIHA)

A brief description on the 32nd CIHA and its relevance in relation to art history and practices.

Insights and a conversation

A brief but notable account of the 2008 CIHA from the perspective of Anne Kirker describing the key speakers and their topical lectures in relation to art history. Kirker further elaborates on her experiences at the CIHA and what she deemed intellectually stimulating and intriguing. Kirker also summarises the general relevance and opportunities the CIHA provides.

Handle with care
Curator: Felicity Fenner Art Gallery of South Australia 1 March - 4 May 2008
Chris Pease
Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth 8 February - 5 April 2008
One night only project
Curators: Kate Kelly and Pip Stafford Artists: Lindsay Arnold, Braddock, Lisa Campbell-Smith, Lachlan Conn, Moira Corby, Scot Cotterell, Lindsay Cox, Empire, Ghostpatrol, Andrew Harper, Jamin, Kate Kelly, Kirsty Madden, Noble, Michael Prior, Pip Stafford, Andy Vagg. Sound Artists: Chrysalis, Cycle, Global Ethnic, Matt Neidra. 29 March 2008
Chaos and revelry: Neo-Baroque and camp aesthetics
Curator: Edwina Bartlem 18 January  10 February 2008 Counihan Gallery, Brunswick
Papunya Painting: out of the desert
Curator: Vivien Johnson National Museum of Australia 28 November 2007  3 February 2008
The Ship of fools: recent paintings, Bill Brown
Wilson Street Gallery, Newtown 29 March - 20 April 2008
Now that I am a man I can go to war: Angela Lynkushka
Monash Gallery of Art 29 February - 27 April 2008
Handle me gently: Olga Cironis
Olga Cironis Turner Galleries, Perth 11 April - 10 May 2008
Curator: Colin Langridge Thomas Bachler, Andrew Dewhurst, Richard Giblett, David Martin, Todd McMillan, Ali Sanderson, Richard Wastell Carnegie Gallery, Hobart March 6  April 13 2008
Letting Go: Lee Salomone
Prospect Gallery 2 - 23 March 2008
Annie Hogan: A Survey
Curator: Frank McBride Museum of Brisbane 4 April - 6 July 2008
I am a good boy
Curator: Elise Routledge Firstdraft, Sydney 9 - 26 January 2008
Handling the Adelaide Biennial
Stephanie Britton interviewed Felicity Fenner, curator of the 2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, to find out what Handle with Care really means in the twenty-first century.
Biennale of Sydney 2008: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Tracey Clement interviews Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator of the 2008 Biennale of Sydney, and finds out what she thinks about the Stendhal Syndrome, Biennale Syndrome and the politics of language.
Fierce or Friendly: Humans in the Animal World
Curators: Craig Judd, Kathryn Medlock, Peter J. Hughes, Vicky Farmery Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) 14 December 20076 April 2008
Migratory Projects: The Drive Out Cinema
Andrew Sunley Smith Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) 6 December 2007 - 27 January 2008
Anthony Kelly, Pilar Mata Dupont & Tarryn Gill, Bennett Miller, Tom Muller, Anna Nazzari, Mark Parfitt, Ric Spencer, Brendan van Hek (WA) Curator: Consuelo Cavaniglia PICA 1 - 25th November 2007
ON' n 'ON
Khaled Sabsabi Campbelltown Arts Centre December 1, 2007 - February 3, 2008
[the space in between] Book project
Curated by Tara Gilbee VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne 13 July  -4 August 2007 Sidney Myer Work on Paper Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery 15 March - 13 April 2008 Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts 8 August - 14 September 2008
The Road to Here
David Martin 17 November 2007 - 6 January 2008 Devonport Regional Gallery
Our Lucky Country - (Still Different)
Nuha Saad, Soda_Jerk, Ron Adams, Mimi Tong, Nana Ohnesorge, Liam Benson, George Tillianakis, Huseyin Sami, Adam Norton, Ruark Lewis, Maria Cruz, Elizabeth Day, Michelle Hanlin, Sarah Goffman, Anna Peters Hazelhurst Regional Gallery 8 December 2007 - 3 February 2008
Making it Modern The Watercolours of Kenneth McQueen
Curator: Samantha Littley Queensland Art Gallery 10 November 2007  5 May 2008
Grant Dale Inflight Gallery, Hobart December 1-22 2007
from time to time one talks to the moon: Aldo Iacobelli
Curator: Linda Marie Walker Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide 15 November - 15 December 2007
Robert MacPherson, Vernon Ah Kee and Jeremy Hynes
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 8 December 2007 - 2 February 2008
Wonderful World
Curator: Erica Green 12 October  7 December 2007 Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art
Replay: Christian Marclay
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Melbourrne 19 November 2007 - 2 February 2008
Indigenous Triennial
Culture Warriors: National Indigenous Art Triennial 07 Curator: Brenda L. Croft. National Gallery of Australia, 13 October 2007 - 10 February 2008; touring to Art Gallery of South Australia, 20 June - 31 August 2008; Art Gallery of Western Australia, 20 September - 23 November 2008; Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, MarchMay 2009. (Note: The touring exhibition will be about 90 works rather than the 130 seen in Canberra.)
X Strata Indigenous Art Awards
Xstrata Coal Emerging Indigenous Art Award GoMA, Brisbane 4 August - 11 November 2007
The Hours
The Hours: Visual Arts of Contemporary Latin America Curator: Sebastian Lopez Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 21 June - 2 September 2007
Territorial Canberra Contemporary Art Centre June 2007 24 hr Art, Darwin September  October 2007 ACT Artists: Silvia Vélez, Bernie Slater, Raquel Ormella NT artists: Franck Gohier, Catriona Stanton, Gary Lee
Almost Everywhere Apparent Sonia Leber and David Chesworth Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 11 August - 30 September 2007
Fremantle Print Awards
Fremantle Print Award 07 Fremantle Arts Centre 8 September - 21 October 2007
Papunya Tjupi: A New Beginning
Papunya Tjupi: A New Beginning Ivan Dougherty Gallery 6 September - 6 October 2007
Anne Mestitz
Electric Love Anne Mestitz Bett Gallery, Hobart 4 August - 18 August 2007
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit: Testimony and Memory in Julie Dowlings Portraits Curator: Jeanette Hoorn Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne 21 July - 14 October 2007
Painting at SALA
Shades of the Real: a selective survey of tonal painting Adelaide Central Gallery 20 July - 11 August 2007 artists: Morgan Allender, Nona Burden, Stephanie Crase, Kveta Deans, Louise Feneley, Mary-Jean Richardson, Chelsea Lehmann, Rachel Smyth, Deborah Trusson, Yve Thompson Christian Lock Greenaway Art Gallery 4 -29 July 2007 Kaylie Weir (in Noodle) Premier Art Gallery SALA exhibition 3 August  1 September 2007 Learning to Speak Simone Kennedy Artlab SALA Exhibition 3-19 August 2007
Tautology Emma White 9 - 26 August 2007 MOP Projects, Sydney
No. 1
No. 1 six a, North Hobart 24 August - 24 September 2007
Sara Elson
Sarah Elson Anigozanthos (eudaimonia hybrid) 5 August - 2 September 2007 Galerie Desseldorf, Perth
The Ranger
The Ranger Julie Gough SASA Gallery, Adelaide 12-28 September 2007
Topsy Eleanor Avery, Ray Cook, Kim Demuth, Alice Lang, David Spooner, Grubbanax Swinnasen. Curator Chris Comer Metro Arts Galleries, Brisbane 5 - 22 September 2007
Anne and Gordon Samstag, Museum of Art
This article previews the new Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, opened on 11 October 2007, which is discussed as a significant addition to art exhibition spaces in Adelaide in terms of scale, capacity and technology. This museum, designed by multi-award winning Melbourne architect John Wardle, is a public space in which artwork, in its selection, hanging, and experience, cannot ignore the active engagement of visitors. The Samstag Museum of Art plays a part in extending the role of museums into new categories of cultural industries, and the complicated relations between leisure, knowledge and libidinal economies.
Pippin Drysdale; Design, Craft and the Smart Syndrome
Pippin Drysdale Lines of Site By Ted Snell Fremantle Arts Centre Press 2007 174pp rrp $45 Recently published in Perth with support from Arts WA is an incisive monograph on West Australian ceramist Pippin Drysdale by Ted Snell. Snell has written a substantial book of five chapters, dividing Drysdales artistic evolution into four eras. Through in-depth engagement with particular vessels or series Snell traces her increasing mastery of the allusive and abstract power of the ceramic medium. Smart Works Design and the Handmade Edited by Grace Cochrane Powerhouse Publishing 192pp rrp $35.95 This publication is in many respects an exemplary book of an exemplary exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and is about design that reflects the values of the handmade. With 40 individuals and groups represented across the categories of jewellery and metalwork, ceramics, glass and resin, fashion and textiles, and furniture this publication encompasses a truly diverse range of approaches from totally hand-crafted to high-tech manufacture.
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