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Artlink bridges the realms of artistic practice and cultural theory. Its highly accessible and readable texts raise key issues without ever becoming either overtly simplistic or unduly academic. It is a truly interdisciplinary publication, and one that has nurtured several generations of new writers and artists. Moreover, Artlink's commitment to areas such as Indigenous art production, women in art, digital media, and our pressing ecological situation, is exemplary.

Adrian Martin
Adjunct Professor of Film, Media & Cultural Studies, Monash University

Current Issue | Issue 41:2 | August 2021

Editor: Daniel Mudie Cunningham

This edition considers the role of art in the construction of public space, place and Country. Completed as parts of Australia endured ongoing pandemic lockdowns, this edition maps current First Nations and settler thinking on how artworks and artists operate in public, and what that means when we are stuck inside. By no means an exhaustive overview of practices staged in public places, or the thinking that fortifies it, this issue offers a broad view of the ways that artworks and artists operate in public, in past and present tense, with urgent consideration of our tenuous future.

Cover image: Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office In Absence, 2019, installation view (detail). Photo: Ben Hosking. Courtesy the artist and architects.

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