Aboriginal art from the Kimberley and Top End

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Artlink has not only set a standard of readability that is exceptional in the field. It has stood firmly against temptations that much of the comparable literature has found irresistible. One of the most insidious of these is the invitation to embrace the artworld’s profitable association with the dealership system and the art market. Another is the pressure to acquiesce in a conception of its role as the public relations arm of the culture industry.

Donald Brook, arts writer and philosopher

Current Issue | Issue 36:2 | June 2016

Guest-edited by the Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists Aboriginal Corporation. Coordinating editor: Christina Balcombe Davidson. Editorial advisory group: Djambawa Marawili (AM), Ngarralja Tommy May, Jedda Purrantatameri, Regina Pilawuk Wilson.

Presenting in-depth perspectives of artists and custodians of traditional knowledge living in regional communities and homelands of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This edition has been commissioned in consultation with the Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists Aboriginal Corporation (ANKA), representing Aboriginal artists and artsworkers from 49 remote art centres.


Cover: Mithili Wanambi in Dhapi ceremony, 2011. Photo: Sarah Jane Harvey. Courtesy The Mulka Project. | Above: Sea Rights victory celebrations, Yilpara Homeland, Blue Mud Bay, 2009. Photo: Isaiah Balcombe Ehrlich

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