Current Issue - vol 35 no 2 | June 2015

Indigenous Global

Artlink INDIGENOUS Global is guest-edited by Daniel Browning and Djon Mundine OAM. This issue focuses on forging new relationships across the globe in a transnational exchange of ideas, histories and shared concerns to do with the environment, colonialism and the place of Indigenous people in the reframing of world culture.

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Current Features


Catherine Croll: Picanniny's pool is down the road

Tarnanthi: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

Unmapping the End of the World
Unmapping the End of the World is an intercultural, durational and experimental contemporary art project... More...

We are born of the Fanua: Moananui arts practice in Australia
Artist and curator LĂ©uli Eshraghi maps the diaspora and reconsolidation of Pacific or Moananui peoples in Australia through the art of Taloi Havini, Kirsten Lyttle and Jasmine Togo-Brisby... More...

Lindy Lee: Asia link



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Daniel Browning, Djon Mundine OAM
Co-Editors, Artlink Indigenous GLOBAL

This Indigenous edition of Artlink - the sixth - is driven by the need to widen the reach, the retinal surface, the eyeline, of the magazine to include investigations into the largely undocumented recent history of cultural exchange between Indigenous populations here and overseas, of intercultural dialogues about colonialism and the global environment, the 'reframing' of world culture to include Indigenous perspectives and the transnationalism that underpins so much artistic production today. 

Daniel Browning Editorial read here ...

Djon Mundine Editorial essay read here ...


Future Issues

Issue 35:3 | September 2015  PERFORMATIVE 

The term ‘performative’ has crept into the vocabulary of the visual arts from its origins in the philosophy of language as speech acts. Calling objects or situations into being as a performative, enabling gesture has become a regular strategy for makers and doers of art. 

In this edition, we profile artists working with dance and performance to broadly canvas ideas of the social in contemporary art.