Parallel Universe

Cover of Parallel Universe

Artlink has long-provided the edgiest, most dangerous reading on Australian art. It publishes the stuff that more polite magazines won’t touch, and punches above its weight when it comes to criticism, argument and audacity.

Darren Jorgensen, Perth

Current Issue | Issue 36:4, December 2016

This edition explores the work of artists responding to sci-fi, super- and speculative fictions. As fans, creators and collaborators, stepping over the threshold into screen life, model worlds and virtual realities, artists create their own parallel universe. Playful, interrogative, predictive and relational, the practices profiled across these pages variously employ old and new media to propose working worlds as imagined and real-world outcomes.

Cover: Kate Shaw, Anthropocene (detail), 2014, acrylic and resin on board. Courtesy Fehily Contemporary and © the artist

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