Future Issues

Forthcoming issues

Food Bowl  [working title]  
Issue 39: 4 | December 2019

In times of plenty, scarcity, global rethinking of sustainable models for food production and consumption, this edition looks to ideas of the globe as food bowl and vessel. Proposals are encouraged that consider the ways that visual artists work with the food chain, agricultural production, the art of food, cooking and degustation. 
Editor: Eve Sullivan, Executive Editor, Artlink

Call for submissions 

Artlink welcomes proposals for writing and information on associated projects and exhibition programs that relate to our forthcoming themed editions listed below. The focus is on long-form essays, artist and project profiles from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Multi-disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.  Contact for submissions

It’s Time [working title]
Issue 40:1 | March 2020

Time is the messenger, inspired by the impetus of the historical moment that brings about change. This edition takes a long view of the cultural shifts inspired by social movements and geological thinking, and the location of present-day anxieties of living in the end times, prompted by the need for immediate action to mitigate the effects of climate change and a changing world wrested from the declining power of nation states, with the attendant threats of economic and environmental collapse.

On a lighter note, how do we rethink or reconceive of time as the veneer of objectified experience, as an archival project for the public record or as revelatory of the division between psychological thinking and the physical laws of the universe encapsulated in subject-centred experience? Fixed as fluid, cyclical, durational, objectified as crystallised, or symptomatic of our abandonment into a state of entropy, proposals are encouraged that encompass diverse forms of cultural knowledge.

Editor: Eve Sullivan, Executive Editor, Artlink