Future Issues

Artlink welcomes proposals for writing and information on associated projects and exhibition programs that relate to our forthcoming themed editions listed below. The focus is on long-form essays, artist and project profiles from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Multi-disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.  Contact for submissions

Forthcoming issues

Biopic (Issue 40:4 | December 2020)
Editor: Eve Sullivan
Placing the subject, real or invented, at the centre of the narrative is fundamental to the production of creative texts as life stories. Taking its name from the filmwork as biopic, this edition looks to examining the cross-overs between the various forms and genres of the portrait as an artform in its own right, and the enduring motivation to portray the public or private figure, often the creator figure, as the ultimate work in progress.

PROPOSALS DUE: 10 November 2020
Fashion. Performance. Industry (Issue 41:1 | April 2021)
Editor: Ann Finegan
The issue will explore diverse and inclusive sartorial cultures and subcultures and will include costuming for LGBTIQ Balls, performance, and identity politics; the emergence of First Nations fashion and textile design; art-worthy fashion photography and artist-designers. Increasingly critical matters of sustainability will range from issues of labour and workplace ethics; the shifts from petro-chemical fibres to innovations in plant-based materials and smart fabric futures.