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Forthcoming issues

Storytelling in a digital world (Annual INDIGENOUS edition) [working title]
Issue 39: 2 | June 2019

Storytelling is a sixty-thousand-year old form in Indigenous communities. This edition of Artlink looks at the way Indigenous filmmakers and artists are moving into the digital space.

Editors: Associate Professor Pauline Clague is a Yaegl woman from North Coast NSW a writer and producer for 25 years, she has worked across many visual forms. Professor Larissa Behrendt is a Eualeyai/Kammilaroi woman and an academic, lawyer, novelist and emerging filmmaker, and presenter of Speaking Out, ABC RN.

Call for submissions 

Artlink welcomes proposals for writing and information on associated projects and exhibition programs that relate to our forthcoming themed editions listed below. The focus is on long-form essays, artist nd project profiles from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Priority is given to proposals from South Australian arts writers. Multi-disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.  Contact for submissions


The future of art education
Issue 39: 3 | September 2019

At a time of change across the arts in education, the diversification of media and models for cultural production and community engagement through the arts, this edition looks to new perspectives on art education across the school and university sectors. Case studies include alternative models in art education, open-access learning, community practice, models of knowledge dissemination and the expanded role of art education programming in museums and galleries.

Despite the development of an Australian national curriculum in the arts at a school level, few states have adopted this in its entirety, reflecting different philosophical positioning on what is of core importance in art education across the states and territories. As arts education continues to transform across the sectors, new and interesting art movements are arising through emergent public pedagogy projects, continuing to push the boundaries and purpose of arts education.

Editors: Bindi MacGill is a lecturer and researcher in arts education at the University of South Australia. Maria Bilske is a researcher, arts writer and visual arts educator. 


Food Bowl
Issue 39: 4 | December 2019 [working title]

In times of plenty, scarcity, global rethinking of sustainable models for food production and consumption, this edition looks to ideas of the globe as food bowl and vessel. Proposals are encouraged that consider the ways that visual artists work with the food chain, agricultural production, the art of food, cooking and degustation.

Editor: Eve Sullivan, Executive Editor, Artlink