Future Issues

INDIGENOUS: KIN CONSTELLATIONS: Languages, waters, futures
Issue 40:2 | June 2020 

Editors: Léuli Eshrāghi and Kimberley Moulton

This edition considers Ancestral materiality, intellectual traditions and expressions by First Peoples from around the world, spanning the great oceans, skies and lands connecting kin and country. Artistic, economic and cultural paradigms as a reflection on life and death—as black holes and shining stars illuminated as constellations in the night skies from the times of the Ancestors—are traced in the footprints made on the lands we travel.

In so doing, we ardently love and connect with our kin, known and not-yet-known, human and beyond-human, recognising commonalities and differences as we fight for the continuation of cultural practices. Extending outwards from Australia, we consider Ancestral memory, temporality and being through languages, waters and futures that are continuously living and expansive.

This edition will have a pre-release in May to coincide with the programming for the 2020 Biennale of Sydney, NIRIN, in which Léuli Eshrāghi is a participating artist.

Forthcoming issues

Artlink welcomes proposals for writing and information on associated projects and exhibition programs that relate to our forthcoming themed editions listed below. The focus is on long-form essays, artist and project profiles from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Multi-disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.  Contact for submissions

The Art of Compassion [working title]
Issue 40:3 | September 2020

Guest editor: Alasdair Foster

In recent years, research into the role of compassion in human affairs has been developing innovative new approaches to mental health, community wellbeing, corporate culture and the challenges of an increasingly polarised political discourse. But how does this specifically impact art and artists? Are artists by their nature empathic people? Can art engender compassion? And if it can, does it have any effect beyond the emotional experience of the individual? Is compassion a cultural construct or the bedrock of our humanity? This edition will undertake a wide-ranging and forthright exploration of the relationship between art and compassion across the personal, collective, cultural and political spheres.

Biopic [working title]
Issue 40:4 | December 2020 

Editor: Eve Sullivan

Placing the subject, real or invented, at the centre of the narrative is fundamental to the production of creative texts as life stories. Taking its name from the filmwork as biopic, this edition looks to examining the cross-overs between the various forms and genres of the portrait as an artform in its own right, and the enduring motivation to portray the public or private figure, often the creator figure, as the ultimate work in progress.