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Djirri Djirri Wurundjeri Women's Dance Group (Dancers include Wurundjeri, Dja Dja wurrung, Ngurai illum-wurrung), Wominjeka 2018-20, video projection on phototex wallpaper duration 00:02:26. Filmed by Ryan Tews. Installation view, WILAM BIIK, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2021. Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Andrew Curtis.

Issue 41:3 | December 2021
Visualising Sovereignty
Guest Editors: Ali Gumillya Baker and Paola Balla

This issue is a dynamic response to Tuscarora artist, curator and scholar Jolene Rickard’s theory of ‘visual sovereignty’, a vital, non-Western / Hodinöhsö:ni approach to thinking through Indigenous contemporary art.  Co-editors Ali Gumillya Baker and Paola Balla engage with Rickard’s ideas in an Australia-Pacific context, inspiring a series of essays and images by emerging and established First Nations writers and artists. These creative forms span the visual, poetic and performative: they articulate powerful expressions of relational sovereignty, political autonomy, renewal and survival strategies in diverse manifestations of visual sovereignties.

Dr Paola Balla, Guest Editor. Photo courtesy of Paola Balla.


Dr Paola Balla is a Wemba-Wemba & Gunditjmara woman, visual artist, curator, writer & academic at Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Centre, at Victoria University.

Dr Ali Gumillya Baker, Guest Editor. Photo courtesy of Ali Gumillya Baker.



Dr Ali Gumillya Baker is a Mirning person who has grown up on Kaurna country. Ali’s maternal family are from the Nullarbor and the West Coast of South Australia. Ali is senior lecturer in the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University and an artist, writer and member of the Unbound Collective.

Issue 42:1 | April 2022

The genre of art writing constitutes a vast field, from scholarly informed art history to lively criticism and short-form social media. This issue digs into Artlink’s 40-year archive (1981-2021), inviting writers to interrogate the status and the possibilities of contemporary art writing.


Issue 42:2 | August 2022

A survey and celebration of neuro and physically diverse artists working against the  spectrum of ‘disability’. This issue addresses the assumptions of access, equity and excellence within an able-bodied arts industry, including collective workshop models and the critical reception of creative works once relegated to ‘outsider’ status.


Issue 42:3 | December 2022
Indigenous Present

Artlink’s soon to be announced First Nations editors will lead a survey of contemporary art and design across the country and surrounding waters.