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Issue 44:1 | Parnanti–Kudlila / Autumn–Winter

As artists and audiences worldwide increase their carbon footprint through digital technologies, including energy-hungry AI apps, can we imagine—and enact—an eco-critical  artistic practice? This issue engages with ecologically and environmentally driven contemporary art and politics, including Indigenous knowledge systems, high-end interventions and the urgency of arresting biodiversity loss in the age of biosecurity.

Regional Style

Has the digitally enabled art world that promises level participation and the ‘centre-periphery’ debates in a global panorama cut through to regional communities? What are the longer-term effects of collaborative exchanges, peer-mentorships and arts and cultural festivals? How have funding changes in regional centres impacted local art ecosystems? This issue probes the terms of reference for what ‘a critical art practice’ means across a range of creative models.