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Artlink is a critical space for writing on contemporary art and ideas. We commission new material by a broad range of writers engaged in visual art worlds across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Artlink produces three thematic magazines (print and digital) each year, and an evolving mix of online art criticism, reviews, features, interviews and tributes. We hold a longstanding commitment to Indigenous art and cultural practices and manage a publishing program reflective of our multicultural populations and the social, political, ecological and material issues of our times.

From January 2024, Artlink will provide access to its 42-year archive, a key resource—and site of amusement—for anyone interested in the recent histories of contemporary art in our region.

Publisher: Artlink Australia
ISSN: 0727-1239
ABN: 490 632 261 39
Registered by Australia Post as a periodical publication: No PP 100018637

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Launched in 1981 in Tarntanya/Adelaide, Artlink grew from a grass-roots movement into a collectively owned cultural asset. The magazine was founded by Stephanie Britton with seed funding from the South Australian Department for the Arts. Originally produced as a bi-monthly 20-page black and white pamphlet by Art Link Incorporated, the magazine’s managing committee included representatives of the Experimental Art Foundation, the Contemporary Art Society, the SA School of Art Student Union, the Women's Art Movement, and the Friends of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

From 1986, the publication assumed a national profile with the appointment of regional editors, leading to the dissolution of Art Link Incorporated and the formation of Artlink Australia in 1994. From 1988–2020, Artlink was published as a quarterly magazine, with the introduction of themed issues from 1989. Since 2021, Artlink has published three print issues each year.

Indigenous-focussed double issues were published in 1990 and 2000, and since 2010, Artlink has published an annual Indigenous issue led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, writers and editors, with Daniel Browning holding a key editorial role from 2010–2015.

In 2014, Stephanie Britton stepped down as Executive Editor after publishing 145 issues in 33 years, with core assistance from Stephanie Radok for many years. From 2014–2020 Eve Sullivan was Executive Editor of Artlink where she made a significant contribution to the publishing program. In August 2021, Una Rey was appointed Artlink’s Editor. She was she was joined by Assistant Editor Belinda Howden in March 2023.

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