Dominique Angeloro

Dominique Angeloro is a Sydney-based arts writer. She is also half of the collaboration Soda_Jerk, who work as artists and independent curators.


A Relationship can't be Outsourced: Tracey Clement
The idea of slow art takes on a gripping intensity in Tracey Clements textile works which use ideas of duration and repetition to refer to womens traditional work and skills - a huge ball of wool, a giant button-covered blanket, full-size bodies made from thread and most recently a miniature city of salt and wire. The excessive though delicate relationship between the artist and the work becomes evident in the resulting artefacts. She admits to watching very bad DVDs while on the job.
Stars of Track and Field
Campbelltown Arts Centre 10 December 5 February 2006
Art History: Go Figure
NAVA Cementa Unley Museum Country Arts SA