Tracey Clement

Tracey Clement is an artist and writer, based in Sydney.


Everything's Alright: Hossein Ghaemi, Andrew Liversidge, Yasmin Smith
Curator: Amanda Rowell Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney March 4 - 27 2010
The Underground
Biennale of Sydney 2008: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Tracey Clement interviews Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator of the 2008 Biennale of Sydney, and finds out what she thinks about the Stendhal Syndrome, Biennale Syndrome and the politics of language.
Fuel for Thought
Eternal Beautiful Now
Eternal Beautiful Now Curator: Tania Doropoulos Sherman Galleries, Sydney 10 - 26 May 2007
Screen Deep
Blood Sweat & Fears: Penny Byrne
Penny Byrne: Blood Sweat and Fears Sullivan +Strumpf Fine Art Sydney 6  25 March 2007
The South Issue: New Horizons
Shane Forrest
Shane Forrest: Float A-Space on Cleveland Sydney November 8-15, 2006
The Word As Art
Roger Ballen
Shadow Chamber Roger Ballen Stills Gallery, Sydney 16 August - 16 September 2006
Elders: The Old Magic
Chronologically Unsound
In 1982 Ian Burn wrote an incisive essay for the exhibition Popular Melbourne landscape painting between the Wars. The exhibition, curated by Doug Hall for the Bendigo Art Gallery, included a range of landscape paintings by artists such as Penleigh Boyd and W.B. McInnes.
Art History: Go Figure
African Marketplace and Reporting the World: John Pilger's Great Eyewitness Photographers
African Marketplace Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney 22 August - 28 September 2002 Reporting the World: John Pilger's Great Eyewitness Photographers Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 8 August - 6 October 2002
New Museums, New Agendas
Cerebellum Performance Space Sydney 1 - 30 November 2002
Warped Reflections
Through this article Clement examines the idea that, as human beings we never tire of looking at ourselves, and we particularly seem to like looking at a self we recognise. In this sense it is not hard to see why Mueck's sculptures are so popular, not only in their satisfying familiarity but also in the sheer technical virtuosity they display. The same cultural anxiety that subtly animates Mueck's seemingly ordinary human figures deforms the flesh of Patricia Piccinini's hyper-real creatures. Subsequent to this idea of self observation, Clement looks at the increasing fluidity of the boundaries of the human body and, through examples of such artistic concerns, questions what it means to be human.
Rich & Strange
Trent Parke: Minutes to Midnight
Australian Centre for Photography 7 January - 20 February 2005
Adam Cullen: Maintaining the Rage
Adam Cullen: Maintaining the Rage Kaliman Gallery, Sydney 1 - 24 September 2005
Ecology: Everyone's Business
Primavera 2003
Exhibition of Young Australian Artists Museum of Contemporary Art 17 September - 30 November 2003
Adelaide and Beyond
Location Location Location
The position of long-term visitor or unfaithful citizen affords a view from both within a culture and outside it. The art of Pasifika is as diverse as its people, it is a 21st Century hybrid reality. Pasifika is urban.
Hybrid World
Aaron Seeto: For Silvered Tongues
Ese Jaske Gallery, Sydney, 23 March - 16 April 2005
Unley Museum AMaGA NAVA Cementa