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odradek is a window exhibition space at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide. nungaodradek is a season of works by four emerging nunga (Aboriginal) artists based in South Australia curated by Ali Gumillya Baker. Their overall theme is sovereign protest.
Indigenous: Re-visions
Interpreting Portraits
Macquarie 1810 - 2010 Hawkesbury Regional Gallery 10 December - 6 February 2011
Stirring II
Edge of Elsewhere
Campbelltown Arts Centre 15 January - 13 March 2011
Stirring II
Copyright: Copyleft

Copyright lawyer Zoe Rodriguez discusses the implications of digitising works of literature and the contentious Google Book Settlement of 2009.

Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
Visual arts at OzAsia
The 2009 OzAsia Festival runs from 3 – 17 October, and also includes a fantastic family-friendly program of theatre, dance, film, food, as well as the free community opening event, the Moon Lantern Festival in Elder Park. See Open from 29 September - 1 November at the Festival Centre Curious Screen: Festival Theatre (FT) Foyer The Sum of Cultures: Piano Bar Follow, Northern India: Faces and Words and Okami: FT Foyer Miss Taken: Space Theatre Foyer 'this reminds me of some place': FT Foyer 29 September - 8 November, Following Threads: Artspace Gallery (Upstairs, Dunstan Playhouse)
Rational / Emotional
Avoiding myth and message: Australian artists and the literary world
avoiding myth and message: Australia artist and the literary world, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 7 April  12 July 2009, curator: Glenn Barkley.
Jeffrey Smart: The question of portraiture
Jeffrey Smart: the question of portraiture, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, 4 March - 13 April, 2009.
Sampling our Child-Friendly Museums
This text samples three innovative programs situated in Melbourne, Cairns and Canberra for kids of various ages. The Cairns Regional Gallery held an exhibition of lino prints by Torres Strait Islander artist Alick Tipoti which attracted 35 school bookings (over 500 children). The Children's Museum at Melbourne Museum opened in October 2000 and held the exhibition 123 Grow!, about the magic of how things, including ourselves, grow. The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra had a showing of student portraiture entitled Hearts/Heads: Headspace II in September 2001.
Art and Childhood
'Glocal' Government: Cross Cultural Understanding

David Hinchliffe has been a Councillor with Brisbane City for 15 years. He is also a photographer and exhibiting artist with 16 exhibitions to date. His background makes him a powerful supporter of Brisbanes art scene. Artlink asked him to tap into his experience and tell us how the new Brisbane came into being and where it is headed next.

Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
Comment, upcoming events, people, news and views
It's Things That Matter
Book review The Barossa Folk: Germanic Furniture and Craft Traditions in Australia By Noris Ioannou Craftsman House 1995
Taste Meets Kitsch
Unley Museum NAVA Country Arts SA Cementa