An unexpected error
Now you see it& one minute Dr Terry Cutler was the brave new Chair of the Australia Council, the next he had disappeared, and in his place suddenly appeared another man in a suit. Between last September and March Terry Cutler had done most of the usual things a new Chair does to establish their leadership style, with the extra challenge that as an IT business person he was largely unknown to the arts sector before his appointment. Just as both he and his constituency seemed to be getting the measure of the other, he resigned, citing difficulties with his company in the wake of the slide of the dotcoms. Within a week of packing up his palm pilot and leaving, a new email account was established in the name of Mr David Gonski, a name familiar to the arts in his role as President of the Board of the AGNSW and in relation to the government review of the film industry he conducted in 1996. So what went wrong? It is widely surmised that Cutler and the Australia Council's EO Jennifer Bott did not use the same chatrooms, which in terms of the workability of the Council would seem to be a serious enough reason to call it quits. But wherein lay the irreconcilable differences of philosophy? Could it be that Cutler was trying to introduce an upgrade to the OzCo enabling it as a SuperCyber Service Provider with Australian art as global e-commerce and Bott prefers the (hacker-proof) earlier version? Are all messages deleted?

Chipping away
The Tasmanian government has incurred the wrath of the arts community and much of the wider community in the state with its decision to position the Tasmanian Forestry Commission as a major sponsor of the Ten Days on the Island Festival being directed by Robyn Archer next March. What's all the fuss about – can't those artists see the tragic splendour in a hillside of clear-felled old growth forest?

" Reg Mobassa is the latest artist to produce a work for the Visible Art Foundation billboards at Republic Tower in Melbourne (cnr Queen & Latrobe Streets). Mombassa describes his inspirations as: 'The wind, semi-professional birthday clowns, heavy machinery, and the behaviour of domestic dogs.' His work Gloaming will be up until mid-August. Julie Rrap's Overstepping (see last issue's cover) is also visible at VAF's newly established 10.4 metre wide billboard site on the Hero apartments building, 118 Russell St. Enquiries Bruce Filley

" A series of training workshops for Australian-based professional photo conservators will begin later this year after the J Paul Getty Grant Program, awarded a US$145,600 grant to staff working in local institutions. Venues are the National Gallery of Victoria, Screen Sound Australia, the National Library and the National Achive. This is the first time such training has been available for photographic conservation.

Exhibitions to watch
Richard Clements: Untitled - A Survey Exhibition 1987-1999, Span Galleries 16 July - 3 August 2002.
Forums in conjunction with the exhibition: 1. Is there such a thing as a Modern Sacred? And if so, what approaches can the artist still offer? Speakers Wiliam Winford, Jane Clark, Christine Johnson. Sat 20 July 10 - 11.30 am. 2. Is an ethics of place still possible given the lure of atopia? How well does the genre of landscape travel in Australia? Speakers Greg Burgess, Larry Walsh, David Tacey, Kate Rigby, ph (03)9853 3638. A major travelling retrospective of Clements' work is in preparation for 2004-5.
" It's a Beautiful Day: New Painting in Australia 2, a mix of 12 painters, some familiar (eg Peter Booth) some less familiar (eg Raafat Ishak)who share an interest in narrative, curator Bala Starr, at Ian Potter Museum of Art, 6 July – 6 October, travelling to Art Gallery of NSW (which has initiated the series of three shows surveying current painting) November – January.
" Into the Blue collects light humorous and poetical work by six arists including Sarah Elson, Cherine Fahd and Robert Pulie. Monash University Museum of Art till 24 August.
"Top Arts: VCE 2001 More than 100 works by 80 VCE students, a representative sample of innovative and risk-taking art in Victorian schools selected from more than 2300 student submissions from government, independent and Catholic schools.
NGV on Russell May 8 - June 30.
" Jan Senbergs, a survey show of paintings Faculty Gallery, Monash University 15 August – 13 September
" Octopus No 3 annual show of new work by emerging artists, guest curator Charlotte Day, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Fitzroy Vic 12 July – 24 August.
" The Italians: Three Centuries of Italian Art - from Leonardo to Tiepolo runs until 16 June at the National Gallery of Australia – judge it for yourself!
" Tales of the Unexpected painting, animation, collage, computer manipulated images and photography by Kate Beynon, Robert Boynes, Lyndell Brown & Charles Green, Rosemary Laing, Sally Smart and Anne Wallace, invoking a sense of film or theatre and part of the National Gallery's program of supporting contemporary artists. NGA 13 July - 6 October.
" Julia Ciccarone and Terry Batt are showing at Niagara Galleries in Richmond 30 July – 31 August. Ph (03) 9429 3666.

" Compound Eyes is new video work by 5 well-known artists from China on socio-political issues, the title suggesting that faceted vision is the condition of seeing today. Touring show from Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore curated by Binghui Huangfu, Ivan Dougherty Gallery to 6 July.
[PIC OF Wang Jianwei, From the Masses, For the Masses...]
" Gulliver's Travels is a group show organised by CAST of models, dioramas, toys and tableaux by various Australian artists including Louise Paramor, Craig Andrae and Ricky Swallow. Ivan Dougherty Gallery to 11 July – 17 August.
" Video Combustion (Alpha Release) immersive multi-screen audio-visual installation and performance by leading video artists, Performance Space, Redfern, 22 June at 8pm bookings (02) 9698 7235.
" Call of the Wild: Patricia Piccinini photography, sculpture, installation and moving imagery from 1999 – 2002, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 15 August - 29 September.
" Reporting the World: John Pilger's Great Eyewitness Photographers, 200 images of human suffering and heroism, political struggle, and the devastation of war, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 8 August - 6 October.
" ARTE POVERA: Art from Italy (1967 – 2002) is a major exhibition mainly from collections in Turin documenting the evolution of an important art movement. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 23 August – 6 October.

South Australia
" Burke & Wills: From Melbourne to Myth is a major travelling exhibition from the National Library curated by the ANU's Tim Bonyhady. Very little material relating to this well-known epic journey has ever been displayed. Art Gallery of SA to 18 August. Look at Wills' diary online at
" Sidney Nolan Burke and Wills Expedition 1948, synthetic polymer on composition board, 91.3 x 122.2 cm courtesy of Collection Nolan Gallery.]

" Modified Terrain installations by Patricia Piccinini and Christopher Langton, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane 25 July – 31 August

Western Australia
Sidney Nolan: Myth and History is works on paper from the collection, showing how Australian history and European myth fused in Nolan's practice. Lawrence Wilson Gallery to 18 August.

Northern Territory
" Art Against the Machine Taring Padi artists collective showing banners, posters and radical zine art used in struggle for democracy in Indonesia, 24 HR Art, Darwin 12 July – 3 August

New Zealand
" Anne Noble: States of Grace 80-100 photographs from major photographic essays, mid-career artist on social, ethical and poetic issues 25 May - 11 August 2002. " Marti Friedlander: Photographs first comprehensive survey of 40 years' work, a visual portrait of New Zealand identity, key themes of protest and demonstrations, the changing nature of Maori society, the achievements of artists and writers, 1 June - 11 August 2002 City Gallery Wellington

"The Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth 31 July – mid September, directed by Paul Thomas, is an international symposium and exhibition of Electronic Arts practice. The theme of BEAP is LOCUS, where consciousness meets the physicality of senses and virtual realities at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Artists working either individually or in partnership with scientists will take part in exhibitions running from 31 July – mid September focusing on various aspects of consciousness. Immersion at the John Curtin Gallery includes Victoria Vesna, Brian McClave, Marcos Novak, Donna Cox, Amy Young, Char Davies Robert Nideffa and Kenneth Rinaldo (international), Lynne Sanderson, Nigel Helyer, David Carson, Richie Kuhaupt and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman (Australia). Screen, at the John Curtin Gallery and other venues around the City of Perth, will focus on the relevant aspects of cinematic realities; Bio-feel exhibition at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts explores emerging biological relationships to consciousness. Contact
4th International CAiiA-STAR Research Conference Consciousness Reframed 2002 non-local, non-linear, non-ordinary in collaboration with the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, John Curtin Gallery is a forum for developments in the field of art, technology and consciousness. It follows the conferences of 1997, 1998, and 2000 convened by Roy Ascott at the University of Wales College, Newport, each of which attracted some 200 delegates from around 25 countries, including over 100 presenters, 1 - 4 August 2002. CAiiA-STAR is an international transdisciplinary research centre based in the University of Wales College, Newport and the University of Plymouth correspondence to:
" Groundswell, the biennial National Conference of Regional Arts Australia is the key event in the national RA calendar and is shaping up to be an action-packed meeting of minds. Speakers include Helen Gould from Creative Exchange (UK), First Nations filmmaker Carol Geddes (Canada), Robyn Archer, Donald Horne, Fay Nelson, Cathy Craigie, Pamille Berg and Lyndon Terracini, as well as author of Follow the Rabbit-proof Fence Doris Pilkington (Nugi Garimara). This year it will be held by the Murray at the well known regional cultural hub of Albury Wondonga, and there are workshops of 40 parallel sessions include showcases, clinics, and forums involving regional professionals, events and talent from all over Australia. For those looking for a taste of what the region has to offer, as well as the famous local food and wine, there are cultural and Indigenous tours as well as Murray River tours on the Paddlesteamer Cumberoona, performances by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and HotHouse Theatre and more. 10 – 13 October 2002. to download a registration form or email (02) 9247 8577.
" Environment, Culture & Community
Exploring the role of social and cultural processes in relation to environmental awareness, this conference brings together those whose scholarly and artistic work address ways in which people create, challenge and sustain a relationship with the natural environment. Speakers include Christine Milne, Jack Mundey, Robyn Eckersley (Aus) Barbara Adam, Mae Wan-Ho (UK), Michel Conan, Simon Ortiz (USA). Faculty of Arts, University of Queensland Brisbane 2 - 5 July 2002. Register at
" Designing Futures Forum
30 respected international and Australian designers, fine wood artists, furniture manufacturers and business leaders explore design philosophy, sustainability, the impact of technology, and the varied design and marketing initiatives taking place in the global market to demonstrate innovation through design and its contribution to a sustainable West Australian timber industry.
Speakers include Bruce Mau, Marco Susani , Michael Hosaluk , Alessi - Massimo Bortott, William Hunter, Donald Fortescue, Robert Foster. The forum is part of a larger project including an exhibition and collaborations with industry. King Street Arts Centre Perth, 16 –18 August 2002. Details phone 08 9226 2799,

" VACB 2001 Emeritus Award has gone to Klaus Moje and the Emeritus Medal to Grace Cochrane.
" Zara Stanhope has returned from running a University Gallery in Wellington to be the new Senior Curator at Heide Museum of Modern Art.
" Ann Lewis was awarded the ARCO International Collectors Prize.
" Malcom Bywaters is the new Director of the Academy Gallery at the University of Tasmania in Launceston
" Helen Curtis is the new Arts Officer at the City of Perth
" Mary Knights has moved from Arts Tasmania to the City of Hobart
" Jane Barney, previously Director of Canberra Contemporary Art Space is the new Public Arts manager at ArtsACT.

" Nigel Helyer has won the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, $80,000 cash and a $25,000 professional development package. His work Meta Diva will be permanently sited at Werribee Park outside Melbourne. Works by Mikala Dwyer, Charles Robb and Brigit Heller have been voted most popular by visitors earning them $5000 each. Submissions for next year's Award close 31 August. Details or phone 03 9654 0299.
" Sydney artist Dennis del Favero has won an ARC Fellowship and an ARC Discovery Grant to lead a star-studded team developing a distributed multi-user virtual environment project to be based at the newly established Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, both the first and the largest of such grants to a visual arts project.
" Ah Xian has won the National Sculpture Prize 2001 with Human Human - Lotus Cloisonné Figure 1. The prize is run by the National Gallery of Australia and funded by Macqaurie Bank.
" Mari Funaki and Jorg Schmeisser have won the City of Hobart Art Prize for Jewellery and Works on Paper respectively while Lindsay Broughton won the Moorilla Winter Collection: Tasmania Prize.

Three Queensland artists are part of Australia's first 'thinking' building, the 'web-controlled' 175 Eagle tower in Brisbane. The public sculpture commissions by Sebastian di Mauro, Brad Nunn and Simone Eisler reflect the hi-tech and environmentally friendly features of the building.

" Travel experiences in Europe or Italian background were the inspiration for works on paper by 29 Australian artists taking part in a major exhibition Transit Narratives which was shown in March in Treviso north of Venice. It will return to Australia for a tour to the four universities responsible for putting it together starting at the coordinating institution Queensland College of Art in 2003 and then to the others, the VCA, Tasmanian School of Art and Curtin.
" Three Australians have won awards at the 2002 Munich International Craft Fair. Sally Marsland (VIC) who, along with Helen Britton (formerly WA now resident in Germany), was participating in Schmuck 2002, has won the Herbert Hofmann Prize. Scott Chaseling (glass) and Gilbert Riedelbauch (CAD design) who, along with glass artist Clare Belfrage (SA), were invited to be part of the exhibition Meister der Moderne (Modern Masters, have each won a Bavarian State Prize.

Real Estate
" The Queensland Government's Millennium Arts Project is a five year $260m plan to create new and upgrade old arts infrastructure. The latest stage to be unveiled is the design for the new Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and expansion of the State Library, both in the now massive Cultural Centre precinct on the south bank of the Brisbane River. Only Adelaide with its North Terrace can rival the sheer concentration of key institutions in one locality – minus the river views. The winning consortium of architects, Architectus and Davenport Campbell & Partners, both of which operate across the Asia-Pacific region, competed with 174 submissions from 24 countries and came up with a large pavilion design with lots of glass looking across the river and a huge cantilevered roof to indicate that we are in sub-tropical climes. A far cry from the bunker design of the old QAG next door, though the two museums will operate under one charter philosophically. The QGMA will be the largest gallery of modern art in Australia and will house the state's contemporary art, indigenous and Asia-Pacific collections.
" As part of the overall improvements, arts and cultural facilities throughout regional Queensland are being upgraded over the next four years at a cost of $15m. Warwick Art Gallery in Queensland has had a $55,000 facelift getting data access in the main gallery space and administration, new lighting systems, an audio visual system and upgraded climate control systems to modern standards. Next on the list are Gympie in the Cooloola Shire, where the Public Gallery is a 1905 heritage building ready for a major upgrade budgeted at $585,000 and Gladstone Art Gallery where a new wing in the heritage-registered old Town Hall will be added at a cost of $1.1m.
" Queensland College of Art has moved to its new purpose-built home on a prime site on South Bank Brisbane. The building which officially opened on 6 June, includes a prominently placed gallery, an art shop, a café, a film production house as well as air-conditioned studios with stunning city views.
" The NSW govt has ceded the Carriage Works of the old Everleigh Railyards to the Ministry for the Arts which plans to set up a contemporary performing arts space with an emphasis on physical theatre and The Performance Space is bidding for management of the new enterprise.
" Stills Gallery is opening a second gallery space to showcase its artists. STILLS SOUTH can be found at the interesting new gallery complex at 2 Danks St, Waterloo in Sydney, joining 8 other established galleries, a café and a rental space.
" Frameworks is a new outdoor gallery in a pedestrian precinct in Manly comprising eight showcases in Market Lane and on the front wall of the Manly Art Gallery & Museum which is managing and coordinating the quarterly changeover of works. Expressions of interest from artists are welcomed ph (02) 9949 1776.
" Monash Gallery of Art has reopened after major renovations unveiling two new exhibition spaces, a café and sculpture park.
" The University of SA Art Museum has closed for an unspecified period (2-3 years) while a new campus for the SA School of Art and the schools of design and architecture of the University of SA is built on the site of the temporary premises between North Terrace and Hindley St now occupied by the School and the Museum. All art and design departments still at the old Underdale site will be moved to this site and the complex, designed by Melbourne firm John Wardle Architects, with Hassell & Partners from SA, will include a new larger and better equipped art museum. During this protracted break in transmission the museum staff will work on the University art collection and other projects. Info
" Victoria's new flagship art museum Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia is scheduled to open at Federation Square in late September with Frances Lindsay at the helm. The old St Kilda Rd museum has been in temporary premises for three years at Russell St, Melbourne while it is remodelled, and is due to emerge anew as NGV International in late 2003.

" James Darling: Instinct, Imagination, Physical Work by Daniel Thomas is a new hardback from Wakefield Press in its recent series on contemporary artists. Lavishly illustrated RRP $45.
"What is Installation: an anthology of writings on Australian Installation Art essays by 39 writers on 28 artists from 1970s to the present, Power Publications RRP44.
" Tour of Duty photographs by Matthew Sleeth of the international presence in East Timor in the period following independence. Hardie Grant Books, RRP $49.95 paperback.

JUNK LOVE Reverse Garbage annual Art and Design Competition promoting awareness of waste avoidance and re-use, offers two major prizes of $500 each, for Art and Design, and Sustainable Design to artists and designers working with re-used materials. Exhibition in August offers positive and playful solutions in industrial design and architecture, visual arts, furniture, clothing, jewellery. Entries close 12 August phone 02 9569 3132 for details.
" 2002 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists aged 30 or under, in sculpture, painting and photography. Up to 4 scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded for overseas educational travel. Applications close 24 June, forms available from the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). or phone 02 9368 1900.
" Evolution Festival Art Prize 2002 explores the concept of evolution via the theme Physical space vs. logical space. in a mixed media artwork in short film or documentary, pottery, painting or drawing, and print to be shown at the Evolution Festival at Tamborine Mountain in September. Main prize $10,000 prize plus smaller prizes to emerging artists. Details phone (07) 5545 4550
" The Festival of Darwin, the Northern Territory's largest annual community and cultural arts event, extends an invitation for organisations or events to apply to participate in its community celebrations, to be held 14 August - 1 September 2002.
" SALA Week (SA Living Artists Week) now in its 5th year, has changed its name to the SALA Festival and runs 2 – 11 August, and an extended open studio program. Tasmania has now taken up the SALA model and is planning a sister event.

College of Fine Arts (University of NSW) has created a School of Media Arts headed up by Phil George, to meet industry demand for creative thinkers and doers in all areas of digital production.

Correction: the article in our March issue 'On humans and other animals "becoming" each other' was written jointly by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr

The 2002 Artlink Public Lecture will take place in August in Adelaide and will be given by celebrated author Eric Rolls on the subject Voicing the Land. Rolls is the author of seventeen books on subject ranging from natural science to food and the environment. In April 1995 he was made a Doctor of the University by the University of Canberra. An excerpt from the citation reads: 'Eric Rolls& has managed in a series of books and articles that span forty years, to set the human experience of living in Australia in the context of the history of the land itself as well as its people& he writes in order to learn, and he learns in order to write, and he does both with distinction& he is without peer in our country'. Watch the press for details of the date and venue for this event.