Ai Weiwei, China's best known contemporary artist, is still in detention at the time of writing. AVAAZ has mounted a global campaign to the artworld to boycott Chinese events and partnerships in China until he is freed. Through his art, Ai Weiwei has been critical of the Chinese government in many oblique ways, none of which have escaped the notice of the authorities, including censorship of the shoddy school building standards exposed after the Sichuan earthquake. He has defied various attempts to silence him, including a beating resulting in a cerebral haemorrhage, but it may be his latest visual pun, a semi-nude photograph of himself with a toy horse covering his genitals which implies that the central party should fuck their mothers, that has given them a perfect excuse to arrest him. The government has removed all references to him on the internet in an attempt to 'disappear’ him.

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