From the NAVA desk in early October to the media: 'We the undersigned organisations, representing the vast majority of artists, writers, filmmakers, journalists and others in Australia whose work depends on freedom of speech and expression and the free exchange of information and opinion, are appalled by Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock's casual rejection of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s recommendation to drop the term Sedition and make substantial changes to these provisions of the Anti-Terror legislation passed by parliament in late 2005. We repeat now what we said when this legislation was first proposed, and that is that it represents one of the most dangerous threats to freedom of expression in this country’s history, and is an intolerable curtailment of a fundamental human right.’ This is the opening of a longer declaration which was signed by over 100 arts organisations nationwide including your very own Artlink. NAVA pledges to fight it up to and beyond the next federal election. For more info see ttp:// and

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