Albury celebrates at the end of July, as it launches a bold experiment in hybridising or converging library and museum services. It also opens its first contemporary building in over 40 years, the Ashton, Raggatt & Mcdougall-designed library museum. While the building will challenge the community aesthetically, the content inside will be a beacon for learning by providing highly accessible services which will break a few taboos. Across the park the old Albury regional gallery is also part of the heady new mix. Gallery director Kevin Wilson, overall team leader for the city’s cultural services, told Artlink that Albury City has embraced the idea of convergence while staff, who are being shifted out of the silos of single professions, have responded by developing methodologies on how books, museum objects, and people as living resources are combined and displayed. This, he says, creates an easily accessible web portal which merges museum and library databases and re-examines how users of the facility navigate space. 

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