Issue 27:4 | December 2007

What defines what an artist does when they are at work? Do artists actually work in the normal sense of the word, or do they play out their obsessions in various ways? This issue explores the modes in which artists can function - as a solo operator, as a collaborator with one long-term partner, working in various shorter-term groupings, including intensive workshops, bush camps, and guerilla activity. Does the current preoccupation with image-making which requires labour-intensive, repetitive work hint at a loss of old certainties and a return to activities which consume time and involve manual labour? The tension between working in the enterprise bargaining mode and the collective bargaining nature of protocols that have evolved to protect artists from exploitation reflect current debates in the labour market. Artists include Carly Fischer (cover image), Tracey Clement, Leung Mee Ping, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Daniel Kojta, Guan Wei, Ash Keating, Sarah CrowEST, Meg Keating, Keith Wong, Alan Lukey, Anne Noble, Ros Miller, Wendy Rushby, Matthew Hunt, Culture Kitchen, Taring Padi and Gembel. Editor Stephanie Britton.

Cementa Country Arts SA NAVA Unley Museum