Art Intrusions Shanghai
366 cultural events, one for every day of 2008, are happening somewhere in the city of Shanghai thanks to 'Intrude: Art & Life 366', an ambitious interdisciplinary cultural project organised by the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art. It aims to intervene in the daily lives of the people of Shanghai with perspectives on art and culture to which they would otherwise not be exposed and in making the mundane spectacular give them some very unusual and rich cultural experiences. The first project was 'Lantern from Heaven', a media work by artist Gu Wenda. With the goals of one cultural headline a day, this is an enormously ambitious project master-minded by the Director of the Shanghai Zendai MoMA Shen Qibin. After attending a large number of biennales and museums around the world his thoughts turned to the grand look, feel and placement of the exhibits and how many people are excluded from enjoying them. In a very unusual move for an art museum, he decided to instigate this massive project, with all its implications, including a series of rolling calls for proposals from China and abroad, (100 Chinese and 266 international artists will participate), publishing a monthly bulletin on completed projects, planning for web archives and touring projects in other countries, and of course, putting on more staff.

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