Curating : Creating

Issue 28:4 | December 2008

The creativity in curating. Are curators really artists in disguise? and how far does the way in which they conceive and execute big shows, in particular biennales, influence the direction of art practice? What makes one curatorial program worthy but dull and another sparkling and engaging? Artists and curators share their expert knowledge on new attitudes and perceptions of visual culture, ingenuity, innovation, global exchange, curating in Asia, place and site, career trajectories from artist to curator to museum director and training options for wannabe curators. The Berlin, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Sydney Biennales and Manifesta are examined. New rules of engagement with the public via private and state sponsored enterprises and visionary futures. Writers include Felicity Fenner, Adam Jasper, Nada Prlja, Reuben Keehan, Alison Carroll, Kevin Wilson and Marcus Westbury. Plus book and exhibition reviews and more. Editor Stephanie Britton.

Unley Museum NAVA Cementa