Issue 30:2 | June 2010 | The Underground
The Underground
Issue 30:2 | June 2010
Issue 14:4 | December 1994 | Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Issue 14:4 | December 1994


What we talk about when we talk about ‘the underground’
Thirteen paragraphs on the underground

Artist/ writer, curator/designer at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation Teri Hoskin's thirteen paragraphs sum up facts, apprehensions and suspicions about the underground.

Adapt or die
“An underground artist? Me?” Ian Milliss on maintaining the rage to avoid extinction
Hiding in plain sight: regionalism and the underground
Margie Borschke was in Canada in the mid 1980s when she discovered the Underground.
1. Muffled sounds 2. The ear trumpet of the artworld has been struck by lightning
Emeritus Flinders University Professor and philosopher Donald Brook writes about his 'new theory' and why it has never been taken up. He wonders: 'Could it be that he is wrong?'
Stop the press: the allure of ink
Caren Florance is Ampersand Duck, a blog and nom de press for activities including letterpress printing. Florance has breathed the ink and describes the history of moveable type focusing on the recent past and the present and how something magical happens to text when it is printed.
When zines meet archives: above - and below - ground collections
Marmalade-maker and Phd candidate at the University of Technology in Sydney Jessie Lymn's writing focuses on her research into unconventional archival spaces that hold collections of zines, those idiosyncratic sites of memory.
Conquest for country: Rockhole or mine
Anthropologist Eve Vincent has done fieldwork in mining towns in South Australia. She writes about Ali Russell's documentary Keeper about mining on Kokatha land near Ceduna.
Dig it! The hole in Australian contemporary art
Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney Glenn Barkley surveys the hole in contemporary Australian art starting at the 1973 Mildura Sculpturescape.
How to make trouble and influence people: Pranks, hoaxes, graffiti and political mischef-making from across Australia
Iain McIntyre's book How To Make Trouble And Influence People describes the secret ludic history of creative troublemaking in Australia over two centuries. It began as a series of zines and is now published by Breakdown Press to impress new readers and inspire new acts of defiance.
Underground film in Australia
Writer and curator of the moving image Danni Zuvela examines underground film in Australia to draw out its spirit it from the pre-Seventies to now - 'profane, collective, improvised, transgressive, convivial, illegitimate'.
Seed bomb
Farmer, artist, writer Kirsten Bradley who works from Milkwood Permaculture Farm near Mudgee in the high country of NSW spills the beans on how to make a seedball or seedbomb to revegetate or vegetate urban spaces around you. Like guerilla gardening, it's quick, it's quiet and it creeps up on you.
Street dreams
Peter Drew knows the street art of Adelaide like you know the back of your hand.
Underground networks in the age of web 2.0
Media Theorist, nethead, activist and founding director of the Institute of Network Cultures Geert Lovink reports on the erotica of touching between 'weak links' and the importance of experimenting with new forms of organisation both on and offline.
Steampunk: gunpowder and cups of tea
Between 13 October 2009 and 21 February 2010, the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford held the world's first museum exhibition of Steampunk art. Writer, artist, emerging, networked and distributed culture geek Melinda Rackham was there.
Renew Adelaide pilot: 2 wheels good
Zine publisher and educator Dr Ianto Ware is the Project Manager of Renew Adelaide, an urban renewal clone of Marcus Westbury's Renew Newcastle, in which the 'definition of creativity has to be broad enough to encompass the wide fields of socially innovative activity that simply doesn't fit elsewhere.'
Remembering Judith Hoffberg 1934-2009

Expert on Len Lye, editor of Umbrella Magazine Judith Hoffberg died on January 16, 2009. Tributes to her life and work continue with a memorial exhibition planned for late 2010. Judith Hoffberg wrote of her last visit to Adelaide in 2002 as one of ‘’Paradise regained’...

Remembering Judith Hoffberg BA, MA, MLS, 1934-2009

Before and After Science: 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
Curators: Charlotte Day and Sarah Tutton Art Gallery of South Australia 27 February – 2 May 2010
Adelaide International 2010: Apart, We are Together
Raeda Saadeh, Praneet Soi Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia Rosella Biscotti Australian Experimental Art Foundation Nina Fisher & Maroan el Sani, Donghee Koo, Li Mu, Tara Donovan, Imma Issa, Apichatpong Weerasethakul Anne & Gordon Samstag Art Museum Lucy and Jorge Orta JamFactory Gallery Julian Hooper Flinders University Art Museum Curator: Victoria Lynn 26 February – 14 March 2010
Local Studies: Fiona MacDonald
Curator: Jo Holder Artspace Mackay 18 December 2009 – 31 January 2010
Warm Up: Mike Singe
Gallery 6a, Hobart 9 April - 1 May 2010
Hall of Mirrors: Anne Zahalka Portraits 1987-2007; Aehee Park: Caring for Aehee
Hall of Mirrors: Anne Zahalka Portraits 1987 – 2007 Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale Curator: Karra Rees 30 January - 28 February 2010 Aehee Park: Caring for Aehee Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale 6 February - 14 March 2010
The City of Fremantle Festival of Photography: FotoFreo 2010
The City of Fremantle Festival of Photography: FotoFreo 2010 Silence – The West Australian Wheatbelt : Brad Rimmer Fremantle Prison 20 March – 16 May 2010 The Clubs: David Dare Parker The Fremantle Club 20 March – 18 April 2010 FotoFreo 2010 Fringe Festival Paradise Lost: Rebecca Dagnall Studio Red Dust, Mount Hawthorn 20 March – 10 April 2010
Cubism and Australian Art
Curators: Leslie Harding, Sue Cramer Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne 24 November 2009 – 8 April 2010
Sylvie Blocher: What is Missing?
Penrith Regional Gallery and The Lewers Bequest 13 February 2010 - 4 April 2010 Museum of Contemporary Art 17 February 2010 - 25 April 2010
Feminism Never Happened
Del Kathryn Barton, Pat Brassington, Kirsty Bruce, Jacqueline Fraser, Anastasia Klose, Fiona Lowry, Fiona Pardington, Yvonne Todd, Jemima Wyman Curator: Robert Leonard IMA (Institute of Modern Art), Brisbane 30 January - 20 March 2010
Ruth Waller: A 30 Year Survey
Curator: Deborah Clark Canberra Museum and Gallery 6 February - 6 June 2010
Everything's Alright: Hossein Ghaemi, Andrew Liversidge, Yasmin Smith
Curator: Amanda Rowell Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney March 4 - 27 2010
Sue Lovegrove: The Shape of Wind
Bett Gallery, Hobart 3 March – 6 April 2010
Dykes to Watch Out For

A selection of 4 strips produced between 1987 - 2005, courtesy the author.

Editorial: Australasian artists' responses to death
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Mourning: Traditions, Symbols and Meaning
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Grief and the Gay Community
While AIDS does indeed affect everyone in our society, at the moment in Australia we are seeing predominantly a gay and lesbian artistic response to the epidemic.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Learning to Understand: Art Helps to Dispel Ignorance
The artist looks at the paintings which were developed for the Health Commission on education, prevention and caring in the AIDS environment. Using an Aboriginal perspective these paintings were produced as a powerful series of posters.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Kumantji and the Contemporary Curator
Across much of Aboriginal Australia the announcement of a death is followed by profound communal mourning, the removal or destruction of the deceased's belongings and most significantly a prohibition on the use of the deceased's name.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Death's Artefact... Recent Art and War
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
A Cemetery for the Community: Enfield Memorial Park, South Australia
Thus we come full circle to view the cemetery not as a necessary inconvenience to be isolated on the edge of town and visited once every few years but as a resource that can make a positive contribution to the community.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Death in Excess: Nuclear Imagery
Nuclear conflagration - whether real or imagined - captivated the post war psyche. Endist images of one form or another were developed in response to what many foresaw as the likely outcome of a third world war.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
In the Coil of Life's Hunger
Looks at the work of James K Baxter 1926 - 1972 (poet) Colin McCahon 1919 - 1987 (artist) both of whom found in travel through New Zealand recurrent metaphor's for life's journey. The principle referent in their work was death.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Animal Death and an Artist's Culture: Brian Blanchflower's Tursiops Installation
Examination of the installation Tursiops by Brian Blanchflower which refers to the brutal heritage of Western Australia's first settlement at Albany which had a large whaling station until the late 1970s.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
And Love a Fantasy: Breastfeeding our Sexuality
On 17 March 1993, the body of photographer Angelo Campana was discovered in the burnt out remains of the newly opened IEG Waste Recycling Plant in Corrimal. According to the coroner's report, his death had not been caused by this fire, but from fatal head injuries incurred by the deceased's head being repeatedly bashed with a theodolite. This is the immediate crime which is appears to be investigated in Dennis Del Favero's sleuthian compilation of words and images, objects and installations called 'Prima Facie'.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Guide to...Image Bank
Exploration of images and statements by artists on the theme of death. Artists include William Kelly, Ross Moore, Bette Mifsud and Dennis Del Favero.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Death, Pleasure and Gender in Film
The cinema's ability to represent death - the act of dying, bodily transformations, decay, the corpse - in astonishing realistic terms helps to explain why film, the moving rather than the static image, has become the central depository of death narratives (ancient and modern) in contemporary culture.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Cinema, Death and the Abject
Cinema is both dead and deathless. Cinema like this can take us to the great chasm in our lives and hold us over the edge.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Death: A Post-Mortem
Looks at the exhibition 'Death' co-curated by Felicity Fenner and Anne Loxley held at the Ivan Dougherty Gallery in April 1993. 'Death' was a mixed media survey covering more than 200 years of Australian art which directly addressed the theme of death.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
600,000 HOURS (Mortality) Conference Day 21 October 2, 1994
Examination of the issues addressed at the conference which accompanied the exhibition 600,000 hours (mortality).
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Images of Death 600,000 HOURS (Mortality) Experimental Art Foundation
Images of death explored in the context of the exhibition 600,000 hours (mortality) held at the Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide South Australia October 1994.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
No Drop City: Contemporary Australian Architecture
Book review Contemporary Australian Architecture Graham Jahn Photography by Scott Frances Basel/East Roseville: Gordon and Breach International/Craftsman House 1994 241 pp
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Indecent Exposures and Dissonance: Two New Books from Catriona Moore
Book reviews Indecent Exposures: Twenty years of Australian Feminist Photography By Catriona Moore Allen & Unwin in association with the Power Institute of Fine Arts 206 pp $21.95 Dissonance: Feminism and the Arts 1970 -90 Edited by Catriona Moore Allen & Unwin in association with Artspace 308 pp $21.95
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
A Paradigm Exhibition
Exhibition review Perpetual Motion: Aboriginal Strategies for rejigging art and technology Curated by David Kerr and Doreen Mellor Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide South Australia 8 July - 14 August 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Symmetry: Craft Meets Kindred Trades and Professions
Exhibition review Symmetry: Crafts and Kindred Trades and Professions Curated by Kevin Murray University of South Australian Art Museum 8 September - 8 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Monstrous Gorgeous
Exhibition review Monstrous Gorgeous Curated by Virginia Barratt Contemporary Art Centre, Adelaide, South Australia 8 July - 7 August 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Exhibition review Fania Curated by Erica Green University of South Australia Art Museum 28 July - 27 August 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Chris Hopewell
Exhibition review Chris Hopewell: New works Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at the University of Western Australia 2 September - 16 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
19th Fremantle Print Award
Exhibition review The Nineteenth Fremantle Print Award Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia 9 September - 23 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Familiarity? Re-Examining Australian Suburbia
Exhibition review Familiarity? Re-examining Australian Suburbia Mikala Dwyer, Michele Beevors, Glen Clarke, Elizabeth Woods, Tony Schwenson and Aleks Danko Curated by Brian Parkes Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania 23 September - 16 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Crossovers - Site Works and Symposium
Exhibition review Crossovers: Site works and symposium Tasmanian School of Art and various locations, Launceston, Tasmania 26 September - 2 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality