Danni Zuvela

Danni Zuvela is based in Brisbane and is a writer and curator of all kinds of moving image


Tony Woods: An Archive
Art Information, 2013
Editor: Andrew Gaynor; Introduction: Tony Woods; Essays: Lesley Chow, Phil Edwards, Sheridan Palmer, Alex Selenisch, Gary Willis, Jake Wilson
Mining: Gouging the Country
The cinemas of disaster
Curator, film programmer and writer Danni Zuvela reviews the genre of disaster films since 1903 and finds that the most recent example 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' expresses a spirit of resilience that is both wild and magical.
Disaster & Fortitude
Underground film in Australia
Writer and curator of the moving image Danni Zuvela examines underground film in Australia to draw out its spirit it from the pre-Seventies to now - 'profane, collective, improvised, transgressive, convivial, illegitimate'.
The Underground
Mix and mash, take it, change it
Writer and curator Danni Zuvela celebrates remix or mashup culture and traces its history back through the Dadaists, Futurists, Max Ernst, Esther Shub, Arthur Lipsett, Joseph Cornell, Bruce Conner and Stan VanDerBeek. In a remix culture people valorise appropriation and talk about being copyfighters who believe the idea of text as property is a joke.
Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
A New Truth to Materials
A New Truth to Materials Boxcopy (Miles Hall, Chris Handran, Chloe Cogle, and Ross Manning) Curator: Raymonde Rajkowski Level 3 Metro Arts, Brisbane April 30 - May 30 2009
Rational / Emotional
Crystalline signs of the small and poetic
In Audrey Lams Under Development (2007), two detectives investigating a murder seek answers in an ominous, half-built structure. Close attention to the lush, inky compositions reveals the frozen temporality of a Brisbane landmark: the film records the historic erection of the Gallery of Modern Art.
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