Maggie Baxter

Maggie Baxter is a Western Australian artist, independent curator and coordinator for public art projects


Love Your Work: Fremantle Arts Centre 30th Birthday
Artists together again for Fremantle Arts Centre's 30th Birthday celebrations
Art & Enterprise
Sculpture by the Sea
Artists and the public converge on Cottesloe Beach, Perth for the WA incarnation of the famous Bondi Beach event, 17 - 28 March 2005
Festival of Perth Visual Arts Conference
Exhibition Review The Emperor's New Clothes March 1-3 1991
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Chris Hopewell
Exhibition review Chris Hopewell: New works Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at the University of Western Australia 2 September - 16 October 1994
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Maggie Baxter on High Fibre Diet
Exhibition review High Fibre Diet Fremantle Arts Centre Western Australia 29 October - 4 December 1994
The Continuing March of Western Australian Sculpture
Exhibition review Sculpture Survey 1995 Gomboc Gallery Middle Swan One Hundred Years of Sculpture 1895-1995 Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA
The Face
Gifted Arts
In 1992 the Premier of WA initiated the Premier's Gift Commissioning Project in conjunction with the Crafts Council of WA inviting artists to design and produce protocol gifts and souvenirs within a lower price range, which though of exclusive design could be manufactured in multiples using light local industrial processes where appropriate.
Australian Design
Good or Bad Idea: The Community as Public Art Practitioner
If art in community places isn't for the community using those places, then who is it for? Should all art in public places have immediate community appeal, or reflect those communities in some way, or even have community contributions? And if the answer to any of these is yes, need this impinge on the quality of the art?
Public Art in Australia
NAVA Unley Museum Cementa