Anne Loxley


Where Would Sydney be Without its Art Prizes?
The hype, the hysteria, the media and the money. Of all Sydney's art prizes it is the Archibald which arouses the greatest public interest...
Sydney: The Big Shift
Death: A Post-Mortem
Looks at the exhibition 'Death' co-curated by Felicity Fenner and Anne Loxley held at the Ivan Dougherty Gallery in April 1993. 'Death' was a mixed media survey covering more than 200 years of Australian art which directly addressed the theme of death.
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Mary MacKillop Kitsch
I confess to a feeling of great affection for Mary MacKillop (1842 - 1909), vernacular culture and kitsch, and great enthusiasm for the idea of an Australian Vatican - an extravagant museum which is also a major site of pilgrimage.
Taste Meets Kitsch
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