Peter Drew

Peter Drew is a contemporary painter and street artist based in Adelaide. He contributes regularly to the Adelaide Review.


Tooth and Nail
Grand Opening Exhibition Adelaide December 2011
Pattern & Complexity
A Meme is born
Adelaide writer and artist Peter Drew looks at various examples of recent street art and the many ways it is circulated and reproduced as a meme in a wired and globally connected world. "As it turns out," he says, "memetics can be very useful in understanding the patterns of street art."
Pattern & Complexity
FELTspace Gold
FELTspace, 12 Compton St, Adelaide 9 March – 3 April 2011
Indigenous: Beauty & Terror
Street dreams
Peter Drew knows the street art of Adelaide like you know the back of your hand.
The Underground
Australian Body Art Festival NAVA Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery