Deborah White


Further Reading and Glossary
Selected book list with notes. Includes a glossary of terms including acronyms.
Art, Architecture & the Environment
The Essential Gift of Ceremonies: Towards a Poetics of Scarcity
"In modern architecture we find difficulty in managing the relation between the physical presence of a building and its intimations of the mental and spiritual. Our architectural objects rarely serve as objects of intermediation between the ordinary, the physical and the present on the one hand, and the mystical, the spiritual and the abstract on the other...."
Art, Architecture & the Environment
Ripples from the Margin: Refractory Speculations on the Myths of Oz
About 95% of registered Australian architects are male. As writers on architecture, women are most likely to be found in our 'traditional' role as hagiographers - disciplinary 'handmaidens to the Heroes' - chronicling the erection of Icons and the cultural penetration of Canons - often described as 'seminal works'.
10th Birthday Issue
En-Gendering Resistance: Opening Moves with Game Girl
All New Gen Game Girl by VNS Matrix (Josephine Starrs, Francesca Da Rimini, Julianne Pierce, Virginia Barratt), Experimental Art Foundation Adelaide South Australia 21 October - 21 November 1993
Art & the Feminist Project
No Drop City: Contemporary Australian Architecture
Book review Contemporary Australian Architecture Graham Jahn Photography by Scott Frances Basel/East Roseville: Gordon and Breach International/Craftsman House 1994 241 pp
Art & Death: Facing Mortality
Samstag Australian Body Art Festival Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA