Exhibitions to watch

Wu Junyong Flowers of Chaos 2009 (detail), 1-channel video.


Nigel Helyer Adrift 2009, (detail), jumper cables, copper fish, water, bowl.

1 June - 9 July 2010
Three generations of Chinese video art. Curator: Marie Terrieux.
Historic overview of Chinese video art up to new animations by recent graduates.
UTS Gallery

Manly Art Gallery & Museum
30 July – 29 August 2010
New jewellery from emerging artists using recycled and adapted materials.
Manly Art Gallery & Museum

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
21 May – 4 July 2010
Sit, Stack or Fold: The Art + Design of the Australian Chair
Curator: Stephen Cassidy
Tracing the evolution of chair design in Australia.
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Stills Gallery
2 June to 3 July 2010
Polixeni Papapetrou: Between Worlds
New anxieties about the depiction of children are one of the motivating forces behind this new series.
Stills Gallery

Campbelltown Arts Centre
22 May – 8 August 2010
Once Removed
Curator: Felicity Fenner. Ken Yonetani, Vernon Ah Kee, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro.
About place and displacement, straight from the 2009 Venice Biennale.
Campbelltown Arts Centre

Australian Centre for Photography
11 June – 4 July 2010
Hijacked 2 - Australia and Germany
32 contemporary photographers with a focus on the young, the boundary-riding and the fringe-dwelling.

23 July – 28 August 2010
Zeitgeist becomes Form
German fashion photography from the last 50 years.
Australian Centre for Photography

Beanies 2010, Alice Springs.

Newington Armoury
Weekends between 15 May – 27 June 2010
Memory Flows
Curators: Norie Neumark, Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Deborah Turnbull. Nineteen artists make work about water. A project of the Centre for Media Arts Innovation at UTS.
Memory Flows at Newington Armoury


Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT)
13 August – 7 November 2010
27th National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Art Award
The changing face of contemporary Aboriginal art practice. New category –Telstra New Media Award.
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT)

Marion Borgelt works in studio, (foreground) Venetian Tsukimi No.2 (New Moon to Full Moon), 2007-2009; (middle ground) Liquid Light: Asian Sun Trilogy 2009; (background) Lunar Circle: Figure A 2006. Courtesy the artist.

Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs
26 June – 25 July 2010
Alice Springs Beanie Festival: A Head Full of Love (25-28 June)
Beanies from all around the world, exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, bush tucker, famous teashop. www.beaniefest.org

31 July – 29 August 2010
Namatjira: A celebration of his life and legacy.
From the Ngurratjuta Many Hands Art Centre, contemporary works testimony to Albert's legacy.
Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs


Michael Parekowhai The Horn of Africa 2006, automotive paint, wood, fibreglass, steel, brass, 395 x 200 x 260cm. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery.

National Library of Australia
12 February - 26 September 2010
The 'Dunera Boys': 70 years on.
Curator: Penny Grist. 70th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT Dunera carrying people significant in Australia's subsequent cultural life.
National Library of Australia

Drill Hall Gallery
27 May – 4 July 2010
Marion Borgelt : Mind & Matter, A 15 year survey.
Curator: Glenis Israel. Abstract patterns, motifs and memory systems.

8 July – 15 August 2010
Juan Davila: The Moral Meaning of Wilderness.
Ambivalence through responses to nature and woman’s jouissance.

19 August – 26 September 2010
Curator: Karen O'Clery.
Blowing, cold working, engraving and casting glass to make everyday objects.
Drill Hall Gallery


Tanks Arts Centre
20 – 22 August 2010
Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF)
Indigenous artists, dancers, songmen and musicians from across Queensland, all the way from Brisbane to the very top of the Torres Strait.
Tanks Arts Centre

Jeff Carter Tobacco Road 1956, gelatin silver photograph 
28.8 x 27.1 cm (image), Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. © Jeff Carter.

Cairns Regional Gallery
23 July – 12 September 2010
Due North: Landscapes from the collection
Celebrating Far North Queensland (FNQ).
Cairns Regional Gallery

1 May – 4 July 2010
Unnerved: The New Zealand Project
More than 120 contemporary New Zealand works by 34 artists.

Metro Arts Galleries
11 – 28 August 2010
Stephen Russell
2010 Metro Arts Artist in Residence. A multifaceted practice of hybrid objects, videos, paintings, digital imagery, text.
Metro Arts Galleries


Drew Pettifer Untitled (Dylan on the rocks) 2010, Type C print.

Art Gallery of South Australia
28 May – 1 August 2010
Candid Camera: Australian Photography 1950s–1970s.
A survey of Australian documentary photography from the 1950s to the 1970s.

21 May – 4 July 2010
Reflections of the Lotus.
Rare art from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos.
Art Gallery of South Australia

Flinders University Art Museum
3 July - 29 August 2010
Cultural pattern and human fragility (Pandora's Box).
New work by Ann Newmarch. Drop the Dust. Pamela Kouwenhoven and Margaret Worth look at dryland country.
Flinders University Art Museum

Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum
30 July – 8 October 2010
Abstract Nature
Curator: Margot Osborne
Twenty artists embrace spirit of place and connectivity between mind and nature.
Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum

Australian Experimental Art Foundation
9 July -7 August 2010
Anastasia Klose: solo.
Video, performance and installation art with lo-fi aesthetics, humiliation and embarrassment.
Australian Experimental Art Foundation

JamFactory Gallery
25 June – 25 July 2010
All the diversity of contemporary Teawares in ceramics and metal in a setting of new furniture.
JamFactory Gallery


Inflight Gallery, Hobart
June 4 - 26 2010
Let's Make the Water Turn Black.
Curator: Mat Ward. Eight Tasmanian artists look back at their childhoods, their first engagements with art making and their current practice.

July 2 - 24 2010
Performing The Digital: Jai McKenzie, Victoria Lawson, Amanda Williams
What separates old media from new media? How are artists dealing with the 'always already new' of digital media?

August 6 - 28 2010
Sönaris: Matt Warren.
Exploration of immersive aural and visual environments.
Inflight Gallery, Hobart

Academy Gallery, Launceston
26 August – 17 October 2010
Primed: Painting Tasmania.
Curator: Catherine Wolfhagen. Amanda Davies, Neil Haddon, Jonathan Kimberley, Annika Koops Megan Walch, Richard Wastell, Catherine Woo. Will coincide with Junction 2010, the Regional Arts Australia Conference (26-29 August).
Academy Gallery, Launceston


Stephen Eastaugh Bombwallow (Cambodia) 2008, acrylic, linen, thread. Courtesy the artist.
Tim Burton and Corpse Bride 2005.
Patricia Piccinini The Strength of one Arm (With Canadian Mountain Goat) 2009, silicone, fibreglass, human hair, clothing, Canadian Mountain Goat 180 x 154 x 56cm. Edition of 3 + 1 AP. Photo: Graham Baring.

NONO Gallery, North Melbourne
1 - 24 July 2010
Drew Pettifer: Hold on to your friends.
A defiant yet playful reimagining of regional locations as sites of queer sexual desire.
NONO Gallery, North Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
7 July – 29 August 2010
Stephen Eastaugh: an unstill life.
Journeys between 2004-2008 with interpretative texts written by the artist.
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Australian Centre for the Moving Image
24 June - 10 October 2010
Tim Burton.
A significant retrospective starting with early childhood drawings.
Australian Centre for the Moving Image

West Space
4 June - 26 June 2010
Adam Cruickshank: Domestic Death Rattle Cult.
Exploring disconnection through the employment of ridiculous musical instruments.
Oscar Ferreiro: Present tense.
Assemblage of 20-30 functioning dismantled transistor radios, speakers and aerials activated by the viewer.
Tim Hillier: Point Break (AKA: Give Me Convenience, or Give Me Death).
A video piece splicing two of Keanu Reeves’ finest moments.

2 July – 17 July 2010
Liquid Architecture Festival
A sense specific festival, annual since 2000, Liquid Architecture celebrates the diverse methods of sound making and sound theory.
West Space

Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
15 May - 27 June 2010
The Politics of Art. Curator: Jan Duffy
Joel Birnie, Philip Brophy, Louise Hubbard, Alex Martinis-Roe, Geoff Newton, Kit Wise. The concept of an art-world and its implications.
Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

Monash Gallery of Art
16 July to 19 September 2010
Living deadly: haunted surfaces in contemporary art.
Brook Andrew, Anne Ferran, John Gollings, Ruark Lewis, John Mawurndjul, eX de Medici, James Morrison, Rod McNicol, Robyn Stacey
Explores optical effects in art used to make viewers aware of things beyond physical reality.
Monash Gallery of Art

MARS Gallery
2 - 30 June 2010
A Little Bird Told Me.
Dedicated to Australian birds that have become threatened or extinct.
MARS Gallery


George Egerton-Warburton THE FIREFIGHTER WAS ASSIGNED HIS FIRST JOB, HE DECIDED TO LET THE CHURCH BURN DOWN 2010. Image courtesy of the artist. 
Photo: Matthew Saville.

Art Gallery of Western Australia
1 May – 22 August 2010
Patricia Piccinini: Relativity
Startling sculptures, digital environments and images in the frontier world of experiments in technology and biology.
Art Gallery of Western Australia

Fremantle Prison Gallery
28 May – 18 July 2010
From the Inside - WA Prisoner Art
Artwork by current inmates at WA prisons with a strong representation of Aboriginal art.
Fremantle Prison Gallery

Gallery Central (formerly Central TAFE Art Gallery)
21 May - 11 June 2010
Shifting Comfort: Experiences of an idea of home.
Barbie Greenshields, inspired by a winter residency in Scotland, presents an installation of subtle works. Gallery Central

Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park
6 – 27 June 2010
Sculpture Survey 2010
Incorporating Yoshio Nitto and Taisuke Toda, continuing the cultural exchange between Asago Museum Sculpture Park and Gomboc.
Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park

25 June - 25 August 2010
Bevan Honey: Your reference to more gracious living.
Futile machines exploring the impulses of excess and restraint.
Rounds: Neil Aldum, Rebecca Baumann, Tim Carter, Elise/Jurgen, Shannon Lyons, Bennet Miller, Sarah Rowbottam, George Egerton-Warburton.
Radical engagement with peer influence through a self-generating exhibition process.