Underground film in Australia

Writer and curator of the moving image Danni Zuvela examines underground film in Australia to draw out its spirit it from the pre-Seventies to now - 'profane, collective, improvised, transgressive, convivial, illegitimate'.

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Danni Zuleva is based in Brisbane and is a writer and curator of all kinds of moving image. danni@otherfilm.org

Thanks to Andrew Leavold, my friend and colleague, for our discussions held over February 2010 (and also for many years of amazing and excruciating film).

Check out: trashvideo.com.au and Stumpy’s other blogs: The Search For Weng Weng.
www.andrewleavold.blogspot.com and www.bamboogodsandbionicboys.blogspot.com

Andrew’s ‘other’ writings www.mondostumpo.blogspot.com
http://www.revelationfilmfest.org/; http://www.sydneyundergroundfilmfestival.com/about.html, http://www.muff.com.au/, http://www.trasharama.com.au/, http://www.mumeson.org/

Soft Skull Press has recently re-issued Jack Sargeant’s Deathtripping: An Illustrated
History of Transgression:http://www.softskull.com/