Issue 43:2 | Wirltuti / Spring 2023 | After AI
After AI
Issue 43:2 | Wirltuti / Spring 2023
Issue 38:4 | December 2018 | Virtual Reality: Ways of Seeing
Virtual Reality: Ways of Seeing
Issue 38:4 | December 2018
Issue 37:1| March 2017 | Data Visual
Data Visual
Issue 37:1| March 2017
Issue 36:4, December 2016 | Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe
Issue 36:4, December 2016
Issue 10:4 | December 1990 | 10th Birthday Issue
10th Birthday Issue
Issue 10:4 | December 1990


Looking Back: A decade of Artlink 1981 -1991
History of the trials and triumphs of Artlink over its first decade - a wonderful achievement for a small regional arts magazine.
10th Birthday Issue
It's on Disc! Magazine Production on the Desktop
Producing a quality art magazine on computer without moving from your desk. The impact of electronic publishing and traditional methods. Explores publishing art magazines.
10th Birthday Issue
Biennale of Sydney Authority = Potential
The last 10 years has seen a noticeable empowerment of the visual art institutions in Australia. As recently as the late seventies the Sydney Biennale still sometimes happened every three years. In 1980 the Adelaide Festival was as yet innocent of Artist's Week and the Adelaide Biennial.
10th Birthday Issue
Artists Week
Artists' Week was established in 1982 as an initiative of the South Australian visual arts community in reponse to the poor emphasis on visual art in the Adelaide Festival Program and to the growing need for forums to discuss art.
10th Birthday Issue
A Critical Evaluation of the First Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide 2 March - 22 April 1990 Confined exclusively to Australian art - the Whitney Biennial is a model - the Adelaide Biennials will both complement the international Biennale of Sydney and posit alternatives to the surveys of current art represented by the biennial Australian Perspecta exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
10th Birthday Issue
Quo Vadis Sculputre: The Fourth Australian Sculpture Triennial
The Melbourne Festival and the Fourth Australian Sculpture Triennial reflections, projections, prognosis....
10th Birthday Issue
To Market, To Market: The second Contemporary Art Fair
Held Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne 21- 24 June 1990, the success of the second Contemporary Art Fair surprised just about everyone.
10th Birthday Issue
Getting the Picture? The Visual Arts in Australia in the Electronic Media
There's no climate of criticism which takes the media themselves seriously as art, so it's hardly surprising if the media return that compliment to art.
10th Birthday Issue
Arts on the ABC: Chris Westwood and the New Deal for Radio National and ABC FM
Chris Westwood and the New Deal for Radio National and ABC FM.
10th Birthday Issue
Ausgraph 90 Arts and Video Show
Over 100 individuals, companies and institutions contributed to the success of teh Ausgraph 90 Art and Video Program.
10th Birthday Issue
Contemporary Soviet Art
How can one describe contemporary Soviet fine art? How is it connected with the heritage of the avant garde of the revolutionary years? How are they related to the urgent problems of international art?
10th Birthday Issue
What It Is Not; Misreading the East
The Wall is down. The east is no longer red. Did we win? The Washington Post has called it the end of history, so something must be happening.
10th Birthday Issue
Art in Vietnam Now
A report from a week's visit to art schools, museums, galleries and artists' organisations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City October 1990.
10th Birthday Issue
Treading Terra Technic
Advanced Technology Artworks by Paula Dawson and Jill Scott.
10th Birthday Issue
Ripples from the Margin: Refractory Speculations on the Myths of Oz
About 95% of registered Australian architects are male. As writers on architecture, women are most likely to be found in our 'traditional' role as hagiographers - disciplinary 'handmaidens to the Heroes' - chronicling the erection of Icons and the cultural penetration of Canons - often described as 'seminal works'.
10th Birthday Issue
Art in Space
As artists strive to turn outer space iinto a new canvas for creative expression, some of their proposals have provoked controversy.
10th Birthday Issue
Fred Truck's ArtEngine
A case study in the problematics of software art. The author test drives Fred Truck's ArtEngine a robot artwork that makes art. (sic). The work is in the form of a sizable piece of software written for the Mac2 computer.
10th Birthday Issue
The Many Faces of Design
A festival for schools initiated by the Key Centre for Design at RMIT aims to encourage young people to explore aspects of their human made environment.
10th Birthday Issue
Traces of Light: An Interview with Thierry Kuntzel
The slide from film to video may perhaps one day be compared to the move away from the alexandrine and toward free verse poetry - out of this there emerged a reflection on the literary fate of language and the same is happening today for the image.
10th Birthday Issue
The Route You Take...
Photographs of Fiona Hall's work The route you take... installation shot and details, aluminium soft drink cans Contemporary Art Centre October 1990 Australian Centre for Photography November - December 1990
10th Birthday Issue
Powder: Four Adelaide Sculptors
Exhibition review Powder: Jam Factory Bullring Adelaide South Australia October 1990
10th Birthday Issue
Breaking the Toy
Exhibition review Zerospace at the Experimental Art Foundation Adelaide South Australia 1990
10th Birthday Issue
A Lyrical Containment: Sculpture by Nicole Page-Smith
Exhibition review Nicole Page-Smith Tony Oliver Gallery Melbourne Victoria
10th Birthday Issue
Art and Architecture Thesaurus
Book review Art and Architecture Thesaurus: Toni Peterson (director) New York: Oxford University Press Published on behalf of the Getty Art History and Information program 1990 Set of three volumes ISBN0-19-506403 -8
10th Birthday Issue
The Kakadu National Bank
Loggers can learn to love trees......
10th Birthday Issue