Ian Howard

Prof Ian Howard is an artist and Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Univ of NSW Sydney


Bronwyn Oliver
Bronwyn Oliver 22.2.59 - 10.7.06
Currents II
Australian Studios Hanoi (Part of Australia/Asia, Striking Up Conversations)
The efforts on the part of the author and others to set up a studio for Australian artists, writers, historians and others within the Hanoi College of Fine Arts. Support being sought from the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and the art education institutions in Australia.
Contemporary Arts of the Region: SE Asia & Australia
Towards a Legitimate Interest
The most important questions that arose from ARX3 related to the issue of legitimacy of interest. Four views on the exchange See also the articles by Vivienne Binns, Anne Kirker and Adrian Jones in this issue of Artlink.
Art and the Economy
Art Schools Academe 2001
Art and Design Education By what criteria do we judge the success of visual arts courses?
Art & Education
Biennale of Sydney Authority = Potential
The last 10 years has seen a noticeable empowerment of the visual art institutions in Australia. As recently as the late seventies the Sydney Biennale still sometimes happened every three years. In 1980 the Adelaide Festival was as yet innocent of Artist's Week and the Adelaide Biennial.
10th Birthday Issue
MM in Queensland education
Multi media education requires a wide range of resources. In Queensland the Bachelor of Multimedia at Griffith University draws on the expertise of 5 faculties and colleges
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Polemic: The End of Art Schools as we know them?
Art and sport both attempt to construct value and meaning within our lives. For art this is a likely outcome. For media sport it is a contrived ingredient. Artists and art schools have perpetuated a myth about the importance and value of art objects. Suggests possible answers to the issues of teaching art in art and design schools.
The Future of Art
Australian Body Art Festival Samstag NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery