Mitchell Whitelaw

Mitchell Whitelaw is an independent writer and researcher in Sydney doing a PHD in artificial intelligence


Isea 2011
Uncontainable Istanbul 14 - 21 September 2011
Inframedia Audio: Glitches and Tape Hiss
This article focuses on that which is known as sound art, new media art or if a label is required the best might be simply audio. It is not so much a sound as a transparent substrate for organised expression but rather sound being mediated, synthesised, generated, collaged. Furthermore this article looks at the in-between sounds - the glitches, clicks, pops, and CD-skips - with many artists drawing on these entropic internal workings of audio processing systems. Artists include Nam June Paik, Minit, David Haines, Vicky Browne, Andrew Gadow and Netochka Nezvanova.
E-volution of New Media
Is there art on the Web?
The Web is unknowingly large and diverse. Lists web sites
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Virtual Futures for New Media Art: A Report on dLux Media Arts' Immersive Conditions Forum
New media art has developed a close if troubled relationship with the figure of the future. Discusses Troy Innocent's ICONICA, Mousetrap by Ian Haig, RAPT by Justine Cooper, OSMOSE and EPHEMERE by Char Davies and Immersive Conditions a forum held at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney. Examines concepts of virtual reality and apparent reality.
The Future of Art
Bendigo Art Gallery Australian Body Art Festival NAVA Samstag