Cath Kenneally

Cath Kenneally is a writer, arts broadcaster and journalist in Adelaide. Organisations Assessments Panel (Chair)


Weeds without Frontiers: Stephanie Radok
Poet, novelist and broadcaster Cath Kenneally examines the recent work of Stephanie Radok which involves weeds painted on beer coasters and finds tenacity, diversity and survival-skills in it.
Renate Nisi: Sculpture of the Senses
Renate Nisi is obsessed by being packaged in a body, that condition common to humans, other animals, plants and even microbes. Growing up in Germany, where 'art had epic qualities', she flirted with the Sublime and the Romantic but converted to Expressionism 'with the figure as central motif.' A further shift has occurred since then, towards minimalism and three-dimensionality, 'away from the sovereignty of forms onto the relational qualities of environments.'
Currents II
Agnieska Golda, Zofia Sleziak, Stephanie Radok, Frances Phoenix, India Flint, Lisa Harms, Julie Robinson Wayville Showgrounds Adelaide 17-24 June 2001
E-volution of New Media
Gerry Wedd
Exhibition Review Scratch Works By Gerry Wedd Jam Factory Centre of Art and Design February 1993
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Film Theory Seminars
Exhibition review The Power of Perversion, Film Theory Seminars Media Resource Centre Adelaide South Australia April 8 - May 13 1991
Art & Education
Thinking Wholesale
At the Jam Factory in Adelaide, Rolf Bartz, David Archer and Lorry Wedding-Marchiaro are three of the SA designer makers who have entered into a marketing agreement which may be the way of the future for many more.
The Art of Survival
The Realness of Veneer
Exhibition review Stripped Bare: Nicole Ellis Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide SA 22 March - 16 April 1995
The Face
Seeing a Plant: Being a Plant
Exhibition review Stephanie Radok Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide SA 11 September - 6 October 1996
Australian Design
Body Suits
Body suits, conceived by Jane Trengove of Arts Access Victoria, proposes the body as a site for investigation with the contributing artists being mostly people who experience 'bodily difference due to disability'. Touring show in 1997.
Art & Medicine
Post-Colonial Dreaming
Mapping the Comfort Zone: The Dream and the Real works by Irene Briant, Jenny Clapson, Jo Crawford, Christine James. Catherine K, Nien Schwartz, Lucinda Clutterbuck & Sarah Watt. Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre 4 July - 16 August 1997
Looking at the Republic
Susan Hiller: Being Rational about the Irrational
Visitors to the Adelaide Festival will be able to see From the Freud Museum and Wild Talents. at the Experimental Art Foundation from 26 February recent works by visiting London-based artist Susan Hiller. Cath Kenneally spoke to her in London about her history and her art.
Art & the Spirit
1998 Adelaide Festival Visual Arts Program
Review of the 1998 Adelaide Festival Visual Arts Program February - March 1998
Public Art in Australia
Cementa NAVA Unley Museum Country Arts SA