Darren Jorgensen

Darren Jorgensen teaches communication and art history at the University of Western Australia.


Yurtu Ardla
16 Apr 2019
George Gittoes and the social turn in Afghanistan

Much of the discourse around contemporary art in the last twenty years has been about the social turn, a catch-all for collaborative, conversational and relational practices of one kind or another. Claire Bishop has argued that much of this discourse is not about art at all, but ethics. She says that social practices should not be mistaken for ethical practices, comparing the art gallery dinners of Rirkrit Tiravanija to Santiago Sierra’s tattooed Mexican junkies, and the community outreach of Oda Projesi to Jeremy Deller’s re-enactment of a miner’s strike protest in Britain. Here an ethical debate turns into a political one, as Bishop finds an analogy for social conflict in Deller and Sierra, in the way that their work does not carry a clear social message but enacts an ambivalence that suspends ethical judgement.

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17 November 2012 – 20 January 2013
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No Place without Other Places: Spinifex Arts Project at fifteen years
University of Western Australia lecturer Darren Jorgensen examine the Spinifex Arts Project from its inception with reference to a new exhibition happening August-October 2012 at John Curtin Gallery and asks the big question: "What would it mean if Aboriginal artists were not tied to language groups, communities, art centres and regional styles?"
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Strange Strolls Curator: Perdita Phillips Participating Artists: Begum Basdas (Istanbul), Paulo Bernardino and Maria Manuela Lopes (Lisbon), Viv Corringham (London), Robert Curgenven (Katherine), Lawrence English (Brisbane), Aaron Coates Hull (Wollongong), Minaxi May (Fremantle), Roxane Permar (Shetland Islands), Perdita Phillips (Fremantle), Virve Pulver and Aili Vahtrapuu (Estonia), Ric Spencer (Fremantle), Kieran Stewart (Perth), Dorothee von Rechenberg (Switzerland), and Walter van Rijn (Netherlands) 18 November - 18 December 2005 Moores Building, Fremantle
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