Richard Grayson


Lindy Lee Paintings
Exhibition review Lindy Lee - paintings Contemporary Art Centre Adelaide South Australia October 1991
Art, Architecture & the Environment
Exhibition review Asunder: Works by Rick Martin and David Kerr Artspace Festival Centre Adelaide South Australia September - October 1991
Art, Architecture & the Environment
Sites in Relation to Themselves
Exhibition review 42 Degrees South and 175 Degrees East Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre 16 June - 1 August 2000
Art and the Economy
Breaking the Toy
Exhibition review Zerospace at the Experimental Art Foundation Adelaide South Australia 1990
10th Birthday Issue
What It Is Not; Misreading the East
The Wall is down. The east is no longer red. Did we win? The Washington Post has called it the end of history, so something must be happening.
10th Birthday Issue
Delayed Voyage: George Popperwell
Exhibition review George Popperwell: Recent Works Contemporary Art Centre, Adelaide, South Australia September 25 - October 8 1992
Film & Video
More Light (Goethe's last words)
Craig Andrae Miscellaneous Remarks Contemporary Art Centre Adelaide, South Australia 3 September - 3 October 1993
Art & the Feminist Project
Jun Davila
Exhibition review Imperfect Drawings Juan Davila Greenaway Art Gallery Adelaide South Australia 11 May - 1 June 1994
Sydney: The Big Shift
A few more fish than you'd expect for seven bucks
Still Life: Still Lives Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide 6 June - 27 July 1997
Looking at the Republic
Nostalgia, Nation and Gobstuff
Linking of food and memory == elements of nostalgia for other times and places. Proust and James Joyce and the role of food in their writing and the centrality of place or locality in food. The 'authentic' and the 'other' have been amalgamated.
Good Taste: Food, Consumption & Pleasure
Who's Afraid of the Prosthetic?
Explores relationships between human participants and the machine. Describes two projects Fuzzylove Dating Data Base and The Brain Project which use their location in a technological matrix as a means of exploring inter-relationships between the user and the their sources of energy and fear, Discusses formulation of information --the computer and related technologies -- as an industry.
NAVA Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery