Simon Penny


Modern Machine Art
Information processing technology influences our notions about creativity, perception, and the limits of art ... It is probably not the province of computers and other telecommunication devices to produce works of art as we know it; but they will, in fact be instrumental in redefining the entire area of esthetic awareness.
Reflection: 20th Anniversary Issue
Computer Art: Critical issues in teaching
Art and Design Education In attempting to teach something called computer art, we inherit our critical base from art history and another from engineering. Not only are these traditionally at odds with each other, but neither of them, nor a combination of the two, are adequate for our historical moment.
Art & Education
Fred Truck's ArtEngine
A case study in the problematics of software art. The author test drives Fred Truck's ArtEngine a robot artwork that makes art. (sic). The work is in the form of a sizable piece of software written for the Mac2 computer.
10th Birthday Issue
Negotiating Artistic Practice in Late Capitalist Techno-Culture
Whatever art is to become in the realm of consumer electronic culture, it is critical that some sort of autonomy be maintained from the pressures of the technological imperative. Otherwise the politic implicit in the technological manifestation will override the necessary anarchic liberty of art.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
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