Anita Aarons


Places for Souls to Play
Looks at the work of Gabriel Poole with statements by Gabriel Poole.
Art, Architecture & the Environment
The Silence of the Lambs: Before Leaving for a Trip Abroad
Looks at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Circular Quay in Sydney and the issue of economics.
Art and the Economy
Under the Southern Cross
Exhibition Review Under the Southern Cross (survey of Aboriginal Art) Noosa Regional Gallery December - January 1991
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Anita Aarons on Aesthetic Aerobics
Anita Aarons said this fell off the back of a bus while in Bali.
Community Arts
Cultural Lifestyle as a Taxpayer: 1990 the new era for self responsibility
Polemic for 1990 (in two parts) Part 1 Odours of redundancy Facts and Foibles part 2 Alternatives as suggested in Polemic No 1 Culture tax and Ôknow howÕ
Community Arts
Learning to be Naive
Review of works of Malcolm Otton at the Naive Galleries Woolhara NSW
Art & Education
A Sociology of Art... Why Does Art Look (or Sound) Like it Does?
Analytical perceptions for a new century. The artist - the creative thinker. The mechanics of thinking. Rational and irrational mechanics of thinking. Aesthetics and sociology - the conjugal relationship etc The critics best friend or friends must necessarily be the artist!
Art & Education
The Kakadu National Bank
Loggers can learn to love trees......
10th Birthday Issue
Quo Vadis Sculputre: The Fourth Australian Sculpture Triennial
The Melbourne Festival and the Fourth Australian Sculpture Triennial reflections, projections, prognosis....
10th Birthday Issue
Country Arts SA NAVA Cementa Unley Museum