Issue 30:1 | March 2010 | Blak on Blak
Blak on Blak
Issue 30:1 | March 2010
Issue 17:2 | June 1997 | Art & Medicine
Art & Medicine
Issue 17:2 | June 1997


Not black enough, the politics of skin
Bundjalung man, journalist and radio broadcaster Daniel Browning, guest editor of this issue of Artlink, writes about the current state of racism and Aboriginality in Australia.
Lin Onus: picturing histories, speaking politics
Art historian and painter Gamilaroi/Gamilaraay woman Donna Leslie examines the work and the legacy of Lin Onus, its humour, its depth and its urgency.
Learning to be proppa : Aboriginal artists collective ProppaNOW
Senior Research Fellow and Senior Curator at the National Museum of Australia Margo Neale presents an incisive account of the genesis of proppaNOW the Queensland collective of urban Aboriginal Artists who are making waves in Australia and internationally with their intelligent brash art.
Gordon Hookey : Flash Gordon’s message - language is a virus - the King's English (not)
Curator, artist and South Australian School of Art lecturer Brenda L. Croft gives the lowdown on Gordon Hookey's really rude and loud art that uses language and Australian animals to put the boot into racism and lend a voice to the silenced.
History is a weapon: Fiona Foley history teacher
Badtjala woman Fiona Foley is a sculptor, installation artist, painter, printmaker, photographer, public artist, curator, lecturer and public speaker. Her work addresses lacunae and silences in Australian history, opening wounds and drawing attention to important topics of the past and how it affects the present.
Art of glass: Yhonnie Scarce
The first Aboriginal student to graduate from the University of South Australia with a major in glass, Yhonnie Scarce makes blown glass objects that explore Aboriginal history and draw on her Kokatha and Nukunu ancestry.
Dianne Jones : a little less conversation
Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of Western Australia Clotilde Bullen provides insight into Nyoongar artist Dianne Jones' use of humour and iconic images from Western art to make hard-hitting blak art about racism, the absence of black faces in history and the portrayal of black women.
Tony Albert: there’s no place like home
Wirri man Bruce McLean of the Birri Gubba nation is currently Associate Curator, Indigenous Australian Art at the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. He writes with personal insight about the art practice of the youngest member of proppaNOW Tony Albert who comes from Cardwell in Queensland and was included in the 2009 Havana Biennale.
From Tiwi with love: Bindi Cole
Yamatji man Stephen Gilchrist is curator of Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Victoria. He writes about recent winner of the 2009 'Victorian Indigenous Art Awards' Bindi Cole’s provocative artwork as an inventive addition to the genre of portraiture photography.
Gary Lee: the outsider
Photographer Gary Lee makes work saturated with beauty and homoeroticism. His photographs of Aboriginal men are celebratory, bold and uncompromising.
Beaver Lennon: painting country
Trainee curator of Indigenous Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia Nici Cumpston writes about the new art of Beaver Lennon a young emerging artist of Mirning and Antikirinjara people who lives in Ceduna on the far west coast of South Australia. His great-grandmother was the author of the memoir 'I’m the one that know this country, the story of Jessie Lennon and Coober Pedy'.
Nowhere Boy
Emeritus Curator Djon Mundine OAM, currently Indigenous Curator of Contemporary Art at Campbelltown Arts Centre, Western Sydney, spills his guts on the current state of play as he sees it in Australian Aboriginal art where fashion has overtaken activism and some artists are just so hot right now.
Look good feel good: the art of healing
Murri woman Jenny Fraser has recently completed a Masters in Indigenous Wellbeing at Southern Cross University in Lismore. She writes about different avenues for wellbeing for all Australians through practices known by Indigenous Australians.
New Creations in Aurukun: Ceremonial Art
For the Adelaide Festival, Aptos Cruz Gallery in the Adelaide Hills is showcasing an extensive range of art from senior and emerging Aurukun artists, with about 35 works representing all artists using the art centre. This is a great opportunity to see new creations coming from the community. The exhibition continues to 4 April 2010.
Queensland Indigenous Artists Creating More than Great Art!
The Queensland Indigenous Arts Marketing and Export Agency (QIAMEA) was established in 2003 to promote the export of quality Queensland Indigenous art globally and nationally. A focal point for Queensland Indigenous art will be the 2nd Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) to be held from 20 to 22 August 2010.
6th Asia Pacific Triennial
Queensland Art Gallery Gallery of Modern Art 5 December 2009 - 5 April 2010
APT6 another look
Queensland Art Gallery Gallery of Modern Art 5 December 2009 - 5 April 2010
Culture Warriors
Culture Warriors Curator: Brenda L. Croft Katzen Arts Center, American University, Washington D.C. 10 September – 6 December 2009
Menagerie Object Gallery and Australian Museum, Sydney 5 September - 2 November 2009 travelling till 2012
Barks, Birds and Billabongs
16-20 November 2009 National Museum of Australia, Canberra
To hear the language of birds: Paul Uhlmann
Fremantle Arts Centre 26 September – 22 November 2009 Curator: Jasmin Stephens
Critical Generosity
Morgan Allender, Christopher Boha, Thom Buchanan, Annika Evans, Talitha Kennedy, Chloe Langford, Julian Lucas, Mary-Jean Richardson, Sam Songalio, Tomasz Talaj, Billie Justice Thomson, Reed Young Curator: Brigid Noone FELTspace ARI, Adelaide 5 - 21 November 2009
Charlie Sofo
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne 5-–19 December 2009
Curator: Brian Ritchie Hobart January 8 – 24 2010
DEXA-Dan: Danny McDonald
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute 75 Commercial Rd, Melbourne
Glissando: Hans Kreiner
1 – 22 November 2009 Prospect Gallery, Adelaide
HAART: Kim Stanley Medlen
Galerie Düsseldorf, WA 15 November – 13 December 2009
Full Circle: Dacchi Dang
Metro Arts, Brisbane 4 - 21 November 2009
The Visible Human Project: Life and death in cyberspace
Art & Medicine
"The belief system that makes the artworld so unlike - let us say - the builder's hardware world is distinguished primarily by the doctrines that there are no truths and that nothing is real.... To put the point with moderation: artists would not be inconvenienced in the least by a general theory of representation that brought the trustworthiness of their critic somewhere within powerful cooee of the trustworthiness of their radiologist. And Theory owes it to them."
Art & Medicine
Whose Body? Ethics and Experiment in Art
How does the notion of experiment translate from the realms of scientific medicine to the realms of art? We are forced to examine how legal and ethical liabilities of behaviour are encoded. Looks at the work of Stelarc and Orlan.
Art & Medicine
Manifesto of Carnal Art
Carnal art is self portraiture in the classical sense, but realised through the possibility of technology. It swings between defiguration and refiguration. Its inscription in the flesh is a function of our age. The body has become a 'modified ready-made', no longer seen as the ideal it once represented.
Art & Medicine
Kevin Todd: Magnetic resonance
Art & Medicine
Hand and Eye: The Art of Michael Esson
Michael Esson is fascinated by medical science. His work is not simply a satire of the medical profession or a reflection of the limitations of modern science. The surgeon is a metaphor for the mind facing the limits of its own ability to look into the darkness of nature.
Art & Medicine
The Faulding Collection
Looks at the art collecting practice of international pharmaceutical and healthcare company F.H.Faulding & Co.
Art & Medicine
The Irrepressible Imprecision of Emotion
One of the general aims of internationally focussed survey exhibitions is to reflect the art of a particular time....However there is also a sense in which exhibitions of this nature can tend to operate as a form of cultural engineering, where the very status of inclusion in such exhibitions influences the kind of work made.
Art & Medicine
Post-mortem: Farrell and Parkin
For a number of years the collaboration of Farrell and Parkin has produced photographic imagery dealing with medical history. Their photographic work involves the almost archaeological reconstruction of medical contraptions together with bandaging and stirrups and so on which are described in medical texts.
Art & Medicine
Healing Places: The Art of Placemaking in Health Facilities
Examines ideas of place in medical/health facilities from different perspectives. What role does art play in these places? To promote wellness, designers need to create environments that help in reducing stress. Art has an important role to play in helping people to heal.
Art & Medicine
Drugs 'n' Art
The role of drugs and art making is examined in the works of particular artists. Historically drugs have been used for enlightenment as well as for healing or endurance....
Art & Medicine
Image Bank for Art and the Body - Medical Imaging
Medical imaging through the work of nine artists: James Guppy, Ruth Waller, Victor Dellavia, Elizabeth Abbott, Julie Rrap, Jan Parker, Tina Gonsalves, Kate Campbell-Pope and Claire Bailey. Artists statements and colour images included.
Art & Medicine
Means to an Endoscope: Art, Medicine and the Body
Art medicine and the body was a project spanning 18 months. There were 28 participating artists. The exhibition opened at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in August 1996 followed by the performance and forum.
Art & Medicine
Body Suits
Body suits, conceived by Jane Trengove of Arts Access Victoria, proposes the body as a site for investigation with the contributing artists being mostly people who experience 'bodily difference due to disability'. Touring show in 1997.
Art & Medicine
Linking Art, Science and Technology through the body
Looks at the conference 'inter sections 1996' hosted by the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales. The theme for the conference was Imag(in)ing Bodies; Issues of art, design, technolgy, health, medicine and science.
Art & Medicine
Artworks in the New Children's Hospital Westmead NSW
The new building was conceived with the idea that artworks would be included throughout the new hospital as part of the desire to create a total healing environment. Since 1995 when the first patients were admitted the collection has continued to grow. An illustrated catalogue of the collection has also been published.
Art & Medicine
Youth Arts in Hospital
The Youth Arts program at the Department of Adolescent Medicine at the New Children's Hospital Sydney commenced in 1984. In 1994 the project 'Art Injection' took place resulting in a book.
Art & Medicine
Art Therapy: The New Frontier
Looks at the program in the College of Fine Art at the University of New South Wales.
Art & Medicine
Getting Better all the Time: Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre Arts Program
The Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre (Victoria) has an innovative arts program. Commenced in 1989 and now holds an annual exhibition of sculpture.
Art & Medicine
Hello Sailor
Exhibition review Sculpture Bert Flugelman Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia 23 April - 18 May 1997
Art & Medicine
Salome's Dance
Exhibition review Blind: Annette Bezor Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia March 26 - April 20 1997
Art & Medicine
A Manifesto of Arrival and Understanding
Exhibition review Paintings: Zhong Chen Adelaide Central Gallery, South Australia 7 March - 20 April 1997
Art & Medicine
Historical Incisions
Exhibition Review Intervention 4: Michael Schlitz Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 3 February - 2 March 1997
Art & Medicine
Getting a Glimpse of the San
Exhibition review Eland and Moon: Contemporary San Art of Southern Africa Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory 29 November - 31 March 1997
Art & Medicine
Compelling Viewing
Exhibition review In focus: Rover Thomas Stories: Works from the Holmes a Court Collection Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery The University of Western Australia Part of the 1997 Festival of Perth
Art & Medicine
An Elliptical Traverse
Exhibition review Inside the visible - Alternative views of 20th Century Art through Women's Eyes Art Gallery of Western Australia 13 February - 6 April 1997
Art & Medicine
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Book review Letters and Liars: Norman Lindsay and the Lindsay Family by Joanna Mendelssohn Angus and Robertson RRP $19.95
Art & Medicine
Search and You Shall Find
Book review Max Germaine's Artists and Galleries on CD Rom Published by Macquarie Multimedia RRP $199 (reviewed by Anna Ward with Julia Farrow vi$
Art & Medicine