Brenda L Croft

Dr Brenda L Croft is a member of
the Gurindji/Mutpurra nations from
Kalkaringi/Daguragu community in the
Northern Territory. Since 1985 she has
worked as an artist, arts administrator,
curator, lecturer and writer. In 2009 she
was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in
Visual Arts from the University of Sydney.
Formerly Senior Curator of Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander Art at the
National Gallery of Australia and Curator
of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery
of Western Australia, she is currently
Lecturer in Indigenous Art, Culture and
Design at the University of South Australia.
She is curating an international project for
the Adelaide Film Festival for 2011.


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The introduction of a Label of Authenticity has some problems for contemporary urban Aboriginal artists who feel once again that they are being asked to confirm their status. Another issue is that any indigenous person can apply for the Label regardless of the integrity of their art practice. Is the Label too blunt an instrument to be useful to most artists?
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