Ted Snell

Ted Snell is an artist, writer, curator, Chair of the Australia Council's Visual Arts Board and Director of The University of Western Australia's Cultural Precinct.


To hear the language of birds: Paul Uhlmann
Fremantle Arts Centre 26 September – 22 November 2009 Curator: Jasmin Stephens
Blak on Blak
Lynette Wallworth: shared moments of revelation
Lynette Wallworth's New Media Art is subtle and complex. Empathy is the emotion at the heart of all her works such as Invisible by Night in which the viewer activates the work by reaching out to make contact with a grieving woman and Hold in which viewers catch imagery in glass bowls. Wallworths international profile is rising. She has exhibitions planned for France (Aix en Provence Festival), the Melbourne Festival in 2008 and the Adelaide Film Festival 2009 and with each new project she is striking an emotional chord in her audiences that resonates long after the physical engagement with the work is over.
Currents III
On sunsets
A voyage across sunsets in recent Australian art from Jim Thalassoudis to Anne Zahalka, Tim Storrier to Philip Hanson. While at the outset Ted Snell quotes with approval Oscar Wilde's statement that 'nobody of any real culture ever talks nowadays about the beauty of sunsets' he goes on to show the enduring and meaningful presence of the sunset in both paintings and photography. Thus he demonstrates that art involving repossession and reinvention can, in spite of having to deal with accusations of kitsch, parochialism and provincialism, turn old themes into pure gold, both actual and emotional.
Art Mind Beauty
Matthew Ngui: public artist
Matthew Ngui is a Singaporean born, Australian artist who makes intriguing and engaging public artworks that embrace the history of a given site. Ngui is fascinated by the ways in which we interact with artworks and the individual nuances and understandings each person brings to the encounter. Ngui describes his work as often loose, and multifarious, sometimes tenuous and always fragile. Scale and ambition are other easily identifiable elements in Nguis practice, whether it be transforming a cityscape with lights or covering a Swiss Village in an avalanche of 350,000 bouncing balls, each emitting a light and a whispered message.
The South Issue: New Horizons
Office 6000
Level 2/16 Milligan Street, Perth, 27 - 31 March 2006
Currents II
Jeremy Kirwin-Ward: New Work
Perth Galleries 21 October  - 22 November 2005
Art History: Go Figure
Repercussions: Individual and Collaborative Works
Peter Hennessey & Patricia Piccinimi Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide 28 February - 28 March 2004
Shopping & Extreme Pleasures
Seeking Transcendence
Curator: John Stringer 10 February - 5 May 2005 Perth International Arts Festival
Alex Spremberg: Paint-Works
Gallerie Dusseldorf, Perth 25 September - 16 October 2005
Ecology: Everyone's Business
Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery Stockroom Kyneton NAVA