James Moss

James Moss lectures in art history and theory at the SA School of Art. He regularly contributes essays, articles and reviews concerning visual art and culture to a range of journals.


Unknown Worker in Art: Alan Lukey
A retrospective survey of the work of Alan Lukey who died in 2003 aged 51 organised by fellow artist John Foubister with the help of Jill Lukey was shown at New Land Gallery in Port Adelaide, 21 April to 10 June 2007. Lukey was a South Australian artist who painted abstract and meditative works and lived on the Fleurieu Peninsula between 1977 and 2003. He also made public art works often in the shape of waves.
9 November - 9 December University of South Australia Art Museum
Taking in Water
A Manifesto of Arrival and Understanding
Exhibition review Paintings: Zhong Chen Adelaide Central Gallery, South Australia 7 March - 20 April 1997
Art & Medicine
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