Lisa Harms

Lisa Harms is an Adelaide artist and writer.


Everyday the possible
Sonia Donnellan, Anna Hughes & Sonja Porcaro South Australian School of Art (SASA) Gallery 14 August - 16 September 2011
Pattern & Complexity
Iran: Scripts of Despair and Love: Nasim Nasr & Siamak Fallah
Curator, artist and doctoral candidate Lisa Harms writes about two artists, Nasim Nasir and Siamak Fallah, both originally from Iran who now live and work in Adelaide and make work that references their homeland.
CACSA Contemporary 2010: The New New
CACSA Contemporary 2010: The New New Curators: Alan Cruickshank and Peter McKay 12 venues around Adelaide 29 October - 21 November 2010
Stirring II
Curator: Domenico de Clario Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Queen’s Theatre, Mercury Cinema, Botanic Gardens, Adelaide 28 May – 26 June 2010
Art in the Public Arena
Critical Generosity
Morgan Allender, Christopher Boha, Thom Buchanan, Annika Evans, Talitha Kennedy, Chloe Langford, Julian Lucas, Mary-Jean Richardson, Sam Songalio, Tomasz Talaj, Billie Justice Thomson, Reed Young Curator: Brigid Noone FELTspace ARI, Adelaide 5 - 21 November 2009
Blak on Blak
Joe Felber: Moments of time
Joe Felber's art practice is interdisciplinary and acquisitive, absorbing, assembling, composing and de-composing, playing and re-playing elements from a vast collection of fragments collected across the world in cities and art galleries.
Exit music: a lake and a stand of trees: George Popperwell
exit music: a lake and a stand of trees: George Popperwell Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA) 25 July  7 September 2008
Curating : Creating
Painting at SALA
Shades of the Real: a selective survey of tonal painting Adelaide Central Gallery 20 July - 11 August 2007 artists: Morgan Allender, Nona Burden, Stephanie Crase, Kveta Deans, Louise Feneley, Mary-Jean Richardson, Chelsea Lehmann, Rachel Smyth, Deborah Trusson, Yve Thompson Christian Lock Greenaway Art Gallery 4 -29 July 2007 Kaylie Weir (in Noodle) Premier Art Gallery SALA exhibition 3 August  1 September 2007 Learning to Speak Simone Kennedy Artlab SALA Exhibition 3-19 August 2007
Adelaide Studios
This article celebrates the diversity of some of the groupings whichlink artists within the city that is Artlink's birthplace, Adelaide. Gray Street Workshop, Central Studios, Experimental Art Foundation (EAF), Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design, Jamboree Ceramic Workshop, SAAW (South Australian Artists Workshop), Red Door Facing East, Butcher's Studio, Blythe Street Studios, Rice Art, Zu Design, SEAS Studios and the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble are all examined.
Reflection: 20th Anniversary Issue
Jacky Redgate: Survey 1980-2003 [Three Exhibitions]
III, V, VI of Contemporary Art Projects SA 2004 Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia Curator, Alan Cruickshank 23 April - 23 August 2004
Currents I
Liminal Narratives
Zofia Sleziak 31 March - 8 April 2001 The Chapel Adelaide
Art and Childhood
Cosie: She Decorated a House and Called it a Home
Annette McKee and Helen Fuller Jam Factory Gallery Adelaide SA 16 May- 5 July 1998
Art, Pornography & Censorship
Vault: A Collaborative Installation Cluster
Ian North and Helen Fuller 12 November - 6 December 1998 Experimental Art Foundation
Mining the Archive
1 July - 8 August 1999 Nexus Gallery, Adelaide curated by Elizabeth Fotiadis
NAVA Country Arts SA Unley Museum Cementa