Felicity Wright

Felicity Wright advocates for Aboriginal art centres in remote communities and their artists and is also an independent business management consultant, perpetually curious researcher and writer


Kathleen Petyarre: Genius of Place

Essays by Christine Nicholls and Ian North, Wakefield Press in assoc with SALA Week

Best Practice: Export Quality
Cambodia and youth arts
Life is tough in Cambodia if you are not a tourist. Dragonfly Tours is run by a unique partnership model which results in terrific holidays as well as contributing to the betterment of life in Cambodia for its residents.
Disaster & Fortitude
Working in Indigenous Art Centres
Felicity Wright speaks from long experience, as a worker and as a reviewer of art centres on Aboriginal lands. Her thoughtful article teases out many do's and don'ts in this highly contested field.
Indigenous: Beauty & Terror
Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater
The CDEP (Community Development Employment Program) was axed by the Howard Federal Government throughout the Northern Territory though is still current in South Australia and Western Australia. The Program was launched in 1977 by the Fraser Government and has been a very valuable way of getting Aboriginal people to be engaged productive community memes in art centres and other activities. A number of key Aboriginal art centres rely on CDEP staff for printing, administration, preparators, artists and craftspeople. It is a vital component in building community self-reliance and pride.
21st Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award
Museum & Art Gallery of the Northen Territory 13 August 7 November 2004
Currents I
Health and Art: Can art make people (feel) well?
Art can function in a wide range of ways beyond what is normally regarded as its arena. It can empower by raising confidence, providing income which can be used to improve diet and living conditions, it can be therapeutic, liberating and provide an emotional and intellectual outlet, while posters and TV ads can convey important messages about health issues. When a culture is strong the people are healthy.
Reconciliation: Indigenous art for the 21st Century
Ngura Kujara - Two Homes
Exhibition Review: Tandanya Adelaide South Australia January - June 1991. Interviews with curators Kerry Giles Kurwingie and John Kean. Images of inma at Ernabella included in the article.
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Papunya Tula: Art of the Western Desert by Geoffrey Bardon
Book review Papunya Tula: Art of the Western Desert By Geoffrey Bardon McPhee Gribble 1991 RRP $50.
Art & Education
Marketing from the Top End
Representatives from seven screenprint workshops in remote and indigenous Australia came together in March 1992 to attend a textile marketing forum in Darwin organised by Steve Anderson, co-ordinator of ANCAA (Association of Northern and Central Australian Aboriginal Artists).
Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought
Mural at Port Lincoln: Kerry Giles and Melanie Howard
Kerry Giles and Melanie Howard talking to Felicity Wright about the mural in Port Lincoln South Australia.
Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art
Passion, Rich Collectors and the Export Dollar: The Selling of Aboriginal Art Overseas
The author with Djon Mundine explore the paradox which is faced by Aboriginal dealers and curators who take Aboriginal art to the world. Issues of viability to ethnocentricity and notions of the primitive as well as the role of art in educating audiences and promoting the culture of indigenous Australians are discussed.
The Big Pond: Australian Artists Overseas
Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA Samstag