Penny Trotter

Penny Trotter is an artist and writer based in


Mirroring our Dialogue: Danielle Freakley as 'The Quote Generator'
The Quote Generator is a three year public art project where the artist only speaks in quotes which she instantly attributes. For the first year Danielle Freakley will quote from commercial products, the second year from friends and acquaintances and the last year from herself in the past.
The Theatrics of Cloning: The Recent Paintings of Juan Ford
Juan Ford's recent exhibition Clone is a series of portraits of doppelgangers trapped within neo-realistic hallucinatory environments that are rich in attributes taken from technological culture. The juxtaposition of traditional painterly portraiture with objects taken from recent technologies uncovers the sense of mystery that these new technologies provide for us. Trotter looks at Ford's practice within the context of our post-modern society, discussing relevant issues of capitalist culture as 'narcissistic' and the breakdown of a consistent personal identity within it.
The Improved Body
Zoe Sweeney: Subsist - A Cosseted Environment
Exhibition review Zoe Sweeney: Subsist - A Cosseted Environment Gallery Go Go, Melbourne Victoria
Emerging Artists
One Sculptural Furniture
Annette Cock, Yvette Dumergue, Kathy Fox Stairwell Gallery, The Public Office, Melbourne
Good Taste: Food, Consumption & Pleasure
Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA Samstag Australian Body Art Festival