Critical Mass: the new Brisbane

Critical Mass: the new Brisbane

Vol 23 no 2, 2003

An account of how a backward sub-tropical city reinvented itself as a major centre for the arts and creative industries. Guest editor Ian Hamilton.

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Is Art Built-in Built-out? debating public art

Author: Ms Ingrid Hoffmann, feature

In 1999 Art Built-in was declared public policy by the Queensland Government, mandating that two percent of all construction budgets over $250,000 across governments be allocated to the artworks equating to some $15m worth of arts projects annually. Recently the first in a series of formal debates took place to canvas opinion on results so far. The topic was 'that the role of the curator is essential to create great public art'. Looks at the role of local artists such as Jay Younger and her collaborative partner, architect Michael Rayner as well as Wendy Mills and Jill Kinnear.

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