Zane Trow

Zane Trow is Artistic Director for the South Bank Corporation in Brisbane. Prior appointments include inaugural artistic director of the Brisbane Powerhouse, The Performance Space in Sydney and Next Wave Festival in Melbourne. He Started out as a sound artist for and founder of an experimental performance group based at Chapters Arts in the UK


Hybrid Arts, Cultural Policy and Chinese Whispers
Recently some of the individual, performance and new media artists who have been collaborating across borders in Brisbane and Queensland have networked their way out of the city and into Europe and Asia. With cross commissions and research and development for contemporary performance work there is a new and vibrant creative export. This article explores some of these artists and their international work and looks at how such collaborated efforts are contributing to a new examination of what culture actually is for a country steeped in its European heritage. Follows the practice of local performance artist Lisa ONeil and her collaborations with Keith Armstrong as well as examining The Bonemap Project initiated by artists Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
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