Cover of Currents II

Currents II

Issue 26:3 | September 2006

Biennial series of issues on mid-career artists. In-depth essays on eight established artists working in painting, installation, public art, digital art, photography and sculpture: Robert Owen by Caroline Barnes, Kevin Todd by Sean Kelly, Heather Ellyard by Chris Wallace-Crabbe, eX de Medici by Kelly Gellatly, Yvonne Boag by Donna Brett, Bronia Iwanczac by Jacqueline Milner, Nicholas Folland by Wendy Walker and Sera Hughes by Rhana Devenport. Also emerging artist Renate Nisi by Cath Kenneally. Review of 2006 Biennale of Sydney by Melentie Pandilowski and Bartholomew Rose, and Christina Davidson on her research into new Indigenous art from Warmun in the Kimberly, state-wide reviews, obituaries of Noel Sheridan, Peter Townsend and Bronwyn Oliver.


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