It's Time

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Artlink was earlier than its journalistic peers to notice the development of Australia’s most significant art movement, the Aboriginal art revolution, along with developments of global importance in a rising China and elsewhere in the Asia/Pacific region.

Ian North

Current Issue | Issue 40:1 | March 2020

Editor: Eve Sullivan, Executive Editor of Artlink

This edition takes a broad view of the concept of time in art and the times we live in, prompted by social change and upheaval as a motivation for action and cultural adaptation. Concepts of living on borrowed or secondhand time are contrasted with astronomical or geological deep time, and new approaches to art history.

Above: James Darling and Lesley Forwood, Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe, 2019 installation view, Magazzini del Sale, La Biennale di Venezia, 2019. Cover: Nicholas Folland, Other Homes and Gardens, 2019 mixed media. Installation view, Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery Photo: Sam Roberts. Courtesy Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne © Nicholas Charles Folland/Copyright Agency, 2020

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