Kieran Finnane

Kieran Finnane earns her living as a journalist and arts writer, based in Alice Springs for the last 17 years. She also writes poetry and short fiction.


Desert Lake
Curator: Mandy Martin Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs 2 March – 14 April 2013
Indigenous: Re-visions
Remembering: Rethinking a place in the sun
Alice Springs-based writer Kieran Finnane writes a tribute and homage to the work of Pamela Lofts who died on July 4 2012 of motor neurone disease. Since 1992 Lofts held 27 solo shows across Australia and was the founder in 1993 of the Alice Springs artist-run initiative 'Watch This Space'. Her legacy in the desert is profound with a singular and generous body of work arising from the contact zone between white and Aboriginal Australia. She will be deeply missed.
Obscured by Light: Pamela Lofts and Kim Mahood
Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs 25 February – 25 March 2012
Indigenous: Indignation
Sequences and Cycles: contemporary ceramics from the desert

Pantjiti Lionel, Mel Robson, Pip McManus, Patsy Morton, Suzi Lyon, Amanda McMillan Co-curators: Jo Herbig and Franca Barraclough Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs 19 November 2011 - 22 January 2012

Pattern & Complexity
Caterpillar Country
Alice Springs-based writer Kieran Finnane describes the caterpillar dreaming in the Alice Springs area. She draws attention to changing attitudes over the years towards traditional custodians and the places they care for.
Pmere Arntarntareme / Watching This Place
20 November 2010 – 13 February 2011 Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, NT
From first canvas to national collections in three years
The story of senior women from Kintore, Northern Territory
Emerging Artists
Green Line: Pip McManus
Watch this Space, Alice Springs June 23 - July 7 24 HR Art, Darwin July 20 - August 11
Best Practice: Export Quality
Making the Gospel Their Own
Eastern Arrernte Catholics at Ltentye Apurte, the former Santa Teresa Catholic mission east of Alice Springs, are making the local church and liturgy a ground for telling their recent history and reflecting their ancient yet evolving traditions. A mural project was initiated by a local non-aboriginal woman Cait Wait in 2002 with the help of eight neophyte artists.
From First Canvas to National Collections in Three Years
The story of senior women from the remote community of Kintore Northern Territory, who after just three years became Central Australia's most sought-after artists.
Emerging Artists
AMaGA Cementa Unley Museum NAVA