Michaela Gleave's Cosmic Time | Apprehending the Multiverse: A Costumed Allegory for Four Percussionists

Across multiple media, including billboard proclamations aimed at the stars, Michaela Gleave has been communicating with the cosmos for more than a decade. Something of a weather god in her earlier projects, she traded in atmospheric phenomena of rain, snow and clouds. For Cloud Field (2007), she appeared to have conjured clouds from the sky and enclosed them in the gallery so that visitors could walk among them. Using ultrasonic misting units and harvested rainfall, she had made real cloud. A drift of snow appeared on the harbourside lawns of the MCA when snow fell for six hours at Circular Quay in Snowfield (2009). The caption read: dimensions variable, cinematic snow, snow machines, plywood and wind. Notice the agency of the wind—a natural collaborator.

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