Fashion. Performance. Industry.

Issue 41:1 | April 2021

Guest Editor: Ann Finegan

This edition charts fashion in modes of historical resistance, performance and new maker futures in a global context. With a focus on cultural, political and gender diversity, the importance of cultural authority and knowledge is tracked in the Mangkaja X Gorman collection and the ‘Legacy Dress’ by Peggy Griffiths that won the Cultural Adornment category of the inaugural National Indigenous Fashion Awards. Sustainable horizons are traced in fabrics sourced from seaweed-based polymers, Dadaist community performance with a salvage ethos, and the challenging of Fast Fashion by the activism of Fashion Revolution and its maker-associates. Transorientalism situates fashion at the core of identity politics, and queer deconstructions of sartorial identities disrupt hetero-normative hegemonies of desire and pleasure.

Cover image: Alba Stephen and Rachel Buckeridge Circumnavigate Kandos "Fired Egg Dress", 2019. Model: David Ryan. Photo: Ian Hobbs. Image courtesy of Rachel Buckeridge.
NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Stockroom Kyneton Samstag