Svenja Kratz: Life and Death Vessels: a collection of curiosities 2011-2014. Evolving mixed media installation: living and preserved plant and animal specimens, resin, engraved glass vessels and scientific artefacts. Installation detail. Photo Dan Cole.

Breaking the cycle: Life, death and resurrection in the art of Svenja Kratz

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Tara Heffernan is a postgraduate student in Art history at the University of Queensland. She regularly contributes to No Brow art show on 4ZZZ.

Towards the Immortalisation of Kira and Rama was researched and developed at SymbioticA, the Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts in the School of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Western Australia in 2010, and developed further with assistance from the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane in 2011.