vol 31 no 4, 2011

Edited by Stephanie Britton This issue examines some unusual aspects of our lives and how people, insects and colour are connected in strange ways through art. Science of the visible and invisible colour spectrum in humans, animals, fish, insects throws light on contemporary artistic works. The world of insects is emerging as a template for a new field of investigation,'insect media' including swarm or distributed intelligence. Colour and its changing meanings and uses, illusionary effects, psychedelia; artists whose work depends on the language of colour. Subjects include cephalopods as colourists, honey bees and Van Gogh, body parts and transplant communities, military cyborg insects, chromophobia and changing attitudes to colour, Wim Delvoye at MONA and the theory of Insect Media. We also report on the Istanbul Biennale and ISEA, and on the artist-run initiatives conference in Sydney and the World Summit of Arts and Culture.

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You are here » Artlink » vol 31 no 4, 2011 » Transplanting Life: the distributed media of embodied selves. The Body is a big place

Transplanting Life: the distributed media of embodied selves. The Body is a big place

Dr Doris McIlwain, Feature

Personality psychologist at Macquarie University Doris McIlwain does yoga and throws pots. She writes about new media installation 'The Body is a Big Place' the recent work of Peta Clancy and Helen Pynor which deals with the complexities of organ donation.

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