Art & Enterprise

Art & Enterprise

Vol 22 no 3, 2002

Guest editor Dorothy Erickson. How important are entrepreneurial skills in advancing an artist's career, and can the patronage of big business be a make or break factor? Artlink travels to the boom city of Perth in Western Australia, founded on private enterprise and gold mining, to see how artists have made a virtue of necessity and become some of Australia's most enterprising and well-travelled practitioners with strong connections with international galleries well before their eastern states colleagues. Philanthropy and patronage are also well developed in the west with big corporate collections a very direct way of supporting living artists. Aboriginal artists of the famous Kimberley region are also enjoying success in the international marketplace thanks to skilled coordinators and energetic dealers. Around the nation we look at dealers and individuals who have dedicated themselves to promoting new art - at ARCO in Spain, in new media in the Asia-Pacific, in remote Aboriginal communities. Lavishly illustrated in full colour.

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Tony Nathan: On a Cool Winter Mourning

Author: Mr Robert Cook, Profile

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