Mireille Astore

Mireille Astore is an artist, poet and essayist. Her artworks have been shown in over 15 countries including the Tate(Modern) and Sharjah Biennale. She is published widely. She lives in Sydney and teaches at Sydney College of the Arts.


Rabih MrouƩ and Lina Saneh interview
Rabih Mrou and Lina Saneh are Lebanese performance artists. In their work called Whos Afraid of Representation?, currently touring Europe, they describe the work of over fifteen well-known performance artists from Chris Burden and Marina Abramovic to Stelarc and Rudolf Scwharzkogler whose violence occurs within the safe and sanctioned space of the art world. They contrast this symbolic violence with descriptions of violent murders in Beirut. The work draws attention to the way violent deaths in Beirut are as ephemeral as the newspapers they are reported in while the violence practiced by the performance artists becomes history and the artists gain authority.
Fuel for Thought
Steve Kurtz: Critical Art Ensemble
An interview between Mireille Astore and Steve Kurtz, member of the Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) and Professor of Art at University at Buffalo. Kurtz participated in Home Works III, a recurring production of Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts. Lectures, discussion panels, video screenings, performances and book launches, all contributed to the wealth of ideas offered and generated during an intense week from 17-24 November 2005. Astore asked Kurtz about his practice and its relationship to Home Works III.
New Zealand Contemporary Art Turangawaewae A Place to Stand
Samstag NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery