INDIGENOUS Kin Constellations
Languages • Waters • Futures

Cover of INDIGENOUS Kin Constellations
Issue 40:2 | June 2020

Editors: Léuli Eshraghi and Kimberley Moulton

In this edition, we consider Ancestral materiality, intellectual traditions and expressions spanning the great oceans, skies and lands connecting the kin and Country of First Peoples from around the world. We see the artistic, economic and cultural paradigms as a reflection on life and death, on black holes and shining stars illuminated as constellations in the night skies from the times of our Ancestors and traced in the footprints made on the lands we travel.

Cover and above: Nongirrna Marawili painting Baratjala with recycled print toner and earth pigments on stringybark. Images courtesy of the artist and Buku-Larrnggay Mulka. Photo (details): David Wickens