Thelma John

Thelma John is a Perth-based arts writer, curator and exhibition manager


Alltervatn: Jarrad Seng
The MYRE Project, Fremantle October 9 – November 3 2013
Wall to Wall: Graffiti Art
Toni Wilkinson: Uncertain Disclosures
Perth Centre for Photography
13 June - 14 July 2013
Sexing the Agenda
Home Open: Fremantle Artists and Their Collections
Fremantle Arts Centre 27 November 2010 - 23 January 2011
Beyond Garment
Beyond Garment Curator: Anne Farren West Australian Museum, Fremantle 3 Sept to 28 Nov 2010
Stirring II
Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards
Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards Art Gallery Of Western Australia 25 July - 15 November 2009
Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
Silver Artrage 25
Silver Artrage 25 Curators: Andrew Gaynor, Marcus Canning Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) 18 October  21 November 2008
Hijacked Artsource, Fremantle April 5 - May 4
Currents III
Northcliffe Sculpture Walk
The Southern Forest Sculpture Walk Northcliffe, Western Australia Permanent artworks, launched 25 November 2006
The Word As Art
City of Perth PhotoMedia Award
City of Perth PhotoMedia Award Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) 5 October - 5 November 2006
Elders: The Old Magic
Rewards, Awards and Living Treasures
Thelma John provides an insight towards the National Trust Living Treasures Program, which recognises outstanding Australians that have contributed to our society with invaluable knowledge and experience within different disciplines such as visual art, acting and sport. John goes on the say that the program was initially for the elderly but has recently included more youthful luminaries. Although in retaliation to this John continues to elaborate on Australia's consistent movement towards a suitable Living Treasures program that includes awards that recognise such achievements within the Australian community.
Elders: The Old Magic
Fremantle Print Award 30 Years Later and Still Standing
One of the many pleasures of running an annual award for excellence in printmedia is the thrill of unpacking the entries and encountering a work that takes your breath away. That thrill can evaporate when the judging panel dismisses the favoured work, or simply die away amongst the endless piles of entries waiting to be processed before you.
Groundwork - New Work/Old Law: The Spirit of the Land in Three Communities
The embracing of new mediums like artglass and the encouragement of new artists demonstrates the contemporary nature of Aboriginal art and culture. The art reflects profound connections to place and to the past, connections that continue to be spiritually significant. Three Art Centres come together in an exhibition for the Festival of Perth to show that Aboriginal culture is a living cullture.
Art & the Spirit
Country Arts SA Cementa NAVA Unley Museum